SaaS Roundup #192

Happy Sunday!

This is coming to you on the way back from ChartMogul's annual offsite, which we just held on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca in the Mediterranean sea.

Apart from spending a few days enjoying the beautiful weather and bonding with each other, we also had the chance to reflect on how ChartMogul has changed over the last year and what the future holds for the company.

One thing that came coming up was our idea of how the "animals" we're hunting change as CharMogul grows and matures. Check out Nick's article from a few months ago for a refresher on what the concept means and how you can use it to understand your business better.

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Ilia @ ChartMogul
New from ChartMogul

🐻 Find out which animal(s) you’re hunting

Nick Franklin

Christoph Janz (Partner at Point Nine Capital and investor in ChartMogul) has written a lot about the 5 different ways to build a $100M SaaS business using a hunting analogy. In this article, we explore how you can use ChartMogul to find out which animal(s) you’re hunting and how that can help you focus on your next stage of growth.
"As people who run subscription businesses we all like making money, but not everyone is on a trajectory to get to $100M in the next few years. However, this doesn’t mean the animals analogy can’t be a useful tool for understanding your business, and perhaps helping you lift your ARR growth angle so it is on a path to reach $100M."

This week's top reads

19 SaaS Marketing Strategies That Bootstrapped Ahrefs To $40m ARR


I've been a raving fan of Ahrefs for a long time but (until recently) I didn't realize how extraordinary their story is. This article collects the gist of what makes the brand so successful — proper use of Big Data, great product, and no BS marketing.
"I have spent the past few weeks combing through the Ahrefs site, content and team to try and understand how a business without funding and less than 60 people can grow to $40m ARR."

Triple-Double-Double is Good. 10-100-110 is Enough

Jason M. Lemkin, SaaStr Insider

There's a common recipe that startups are advised to follow if they want to achieve unicorn status — T2D3 or the idea that you have to triple revenues for 2 years in a row and then double it for 3. However, there's an easier way according to Jason Lemkin — and it hinges on retention.
"What matters is your momentum after $10m ARR, and not just the raw momentum (top line growth), but your momentum in retention."

3 Pieces of Wisdom Right from RevOps Leaders

Sumyukthaa Sankar, Chargebee

All the new products that emerge on a daily basis, make it easier than ever to start and grow a SaaS company, but they also mean revenue operations get increasingly more complex and disconnected. Check this out to learn how established practitioners think about and run RevOps.
"Thanks to early adopters and their efforts, the challenge of revenue inefficiency has a solution that we can put a name to – Revenue Operations. They’ve likely tried and tested hundreds of strategies with no playbook to refer to. And under the pile of their doings and misdoings must lie lessons that you can immediately apply at your organization."
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As always, have a great weekend.
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