SaaS Roundup #201

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Thanks to the Law of S*itty Clickthroughs, founders and marketers are under constant pressure to find and experiment with new marketing tactics.

Video, podcasts, Tik-Tok, webinars... If you think any of these doesn't concern you because you're in B2B/B2C/whatever... think again.

That's why we asked our friends at Demio to share their best tips and tricks about using webinars at every stage of the customer journey. The result is a massive post with everything you need to know about turning cold leads into loyal customers with live video sessions.

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Webinar Marketing: How Webinars Can Be Used at Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle
Adrienne Barnes, Demio

Everyone loves a good webinar — it's easy to set up and easy to consume (especially when it comes with a cup of coffee in hand). But if they are so great, why aren't we using them more? Adrienne from Demio shows us how webinars can be used at each step of the customer journey.
"Webinars are a top revenue driver for digital marketing, and 73% of B2B marketers say that webinars generate high-quality leads. So, it’s no wonder why successful companies are finding innovative ways to utilize webinars."

Our top SaaS reads.


Tech in 2020: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Benedict Evans,

Every year, Ben Evans produces a big presentation digging into macro and strategic trends in the tech industry. This year, he looks at what it means that 4bn people have a smartphone.

"We connected everyone, and now we wonder what the Next Big Thing is, but meanwhile, connecting everyone means we connected all the problems."

How to Win at SMB SaaS

Patrick Mathieson, Toba Capital

Mathieson summarizes 5 learnings in a succinct must-read for any SMB SaaS business with big aspirations. 

"The problem with knocking down SMB clients one-by-one is that your upside is limited: Sure, maybe your LTV/CAC for each account is 3 or 4, but that’s not quite as exciting as enterprise land-and-expand where a 14-day trial can morph into a $1M+ key account."

Time To Revenue: The One KPI You Should Strive To Really Know

Steffen Hedebrandt,

New year, new super-important-SaaS-metric-everyone-should-absolutely-look-at! Even when treated with a pinch of healthy skepticism, Time to revenue is still a KPI you should have in mind, because it can help you understand the overall effectiveness of your marketing, sales, and customer success efforts.

"[Y]ou just might be ridiculed if you were to claim that there’s actually one thing that should be the North Star KPI for most B2B growth people. In this post, we are taking the chance. We will claim just that."
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Industry news.

Buffer introduces new public revenue dashboard

Buffer was one of the pioneers of the "transparent company" movement. They just introduced a new dashboard that tracks their revenue metrics in real time.

Bird acquires escooter startup Circ for an undisclosed amount

Consolidation in the escooter market — a sign that the subscription economy is entering a stage of (early) maturity?

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