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I am taking a quick break from packing my suitcase for Dublin to bring you this week's selection of the finest SaaS content.

On our blog, Aazar from Userpilot discusses how to take full advantage of Product-led growth before it becomes just another SaaS tactic. Don't fire your marketing & sales people just yet...

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How to Run Sales in the Era of Product-Led Growth

Aazar Ali Shad, Userpilot

As PLG becomes more popular, its effectiveness is likely to diminish. That's why smart teams not only have to use it now — while it's still effective — but also look for ways to make it even more productive. In this article on our blog, Aazar discusses how SaaS companies can align their product and sales teams to further fuel their growth.
"Product-led growth brings you product-qualified leads, which are the best fit for your business — since they’ve already tried your product and know how to take advantage of it. Because of that, your sales department will work with warmer leads who are more interested in your product [...] and will be able to close more deals."

This week's top reads

Enterprise Software Is Dead. Going forward it’s all just business software

Austin Petersmith, Capiche

For decades, selling enterprise used to look a lot like a scene out of Mad Men. Then came the cloud. And then SaaS. And it literally changed everything...
"Products can no longer win by simply convincing decision-makers. They need to deliver a delightful experience to end-users up and down an organization. This is a shift from an addressable customer-base of ~5,000 executives in the Fortune 500 to an addressable customer-base of millions of people throughout these companies."

First Round Essentials: Management

First Round Review

We are big fans of First Round's approach towards "unpacking" the wisdom and expertise locked inside people's heads through their content. Their first (free) book comes just in time to help readers find their way among the >400 articles published on their blog over the last 6 years.
"Given that a manager’s journey can often feel like a lonely uphill climb in the dark, we’ve assembled the most essential advice from the archives of the Review to help light the path forward. Whether you’re transitioning from IC to manager for the first time, stepping into the manager-of-managers role, or just starting to build a company, this collection of articles — beautifully packaged together for an easier read — will help you nail that transition."

Scaling Your Team for Success: Key Lessons from 1Password, Skillshare, Vimeo and Us at Buffer

Courtney Seiter, Buffer

Growing a team sounds really exciting until everything breaks. Yet, if you don't want to smother your company's growth, sooner or later you'll need to add more people to your roster. To help with the challenge, this article collects the best advice on scaling teams from companies like Buffer, 1Password, Skillshare, and Vimeo.
"When I joined 1Password we were a team of around 20 and now we are 160. Personally, I’d tell myself not to worry so much — you can be a team ten times bigger and still have the same feeling and culture. Scaling fast means so many things need to be in place, but for a lot of them you’ll find out when you need them."
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