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This week the ever present Andrew Chen is back with what might be the definitive guide on building a growth team. Make sure you check out every one of the 50 slides, linked below.

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SAP buys Qualtrics!
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GymForLess Uses ChartMogul to Reduce Churn, Enhance Services

Kate Donahue (@Kate_Donahue)

The subscription economy has been a boon for the fitness industry. See how GymForLess is leveraging their revenue data to drive predictable growth.

Our top 3 reads

How to build a growth team – lessons from Uber, Hubspot, and others (50 slides)

Andrew Chen, Andreessen Horowitz

The term "growth" in SaaS has become somewhat tangled with the concept of growth hacking and the numerous various that it brings. But a growth team, as Andrew explains, is not simply a team of growth hackers.
"Unfortunately, this is how products are often shipped and released. You have someone with a vision, who builds some features and does a launch. They might get an initial spike of traction, but when growth flattens, it’s not clear where to take things. They talk to some customers, ask what they want, and try again. They add a few more features, re-launch, and so the cycle goes on."

How Superhuman Built an Engine to Find Product/Market Fit

Rahul Vohra, Superhuman (on First Round Review)

What if you could actually measure product/market fit? That's the question that Superhuman founder Rahul and his team asked themselves. The subsequent journey and experiments are fascinating!
"The descriptions of product/market fit all seemed so post hoc, so unactionable. I had a clear understanding of where we stood, but I had no way of conveying that to others — and no plan for the part that should come next. So I racked my brain for an answer on how to travel the distance between where Superhuman was and the high bar that we needed to hit. And I eventually started to wonder: what if you could measure product/market fit?"

Shopify Onboarding Breakdown

Steph Knapp

Onboarding is everything, and the team at Shopify knows this! Steph has produced an excellent end-to-end overview of the complete onboarding flow, for your own inspiration.
"Holy personalization. Right off the bat, Shopify puts not one, but two personal bits in the subject line. They’ve used both my name and my business name. (Also, yes, I realize I spelled my name wrong on the form so Shopify knows me as Stephane.) The email also has an air of celebration. I mean, there’s even confetti. I think Shopify has done a great job of understanding the mental and emotional state of their customers."
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