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Apparently, someone didn't get the message that the first days of the year are supposed to be a quiet time when you're planning your steps for the next weeks and months...

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How to Share Information Across a Remote SaaS Team

Rich Moy

Communication is the biggest challenge of remote teams. A simple time-tested principle can help you overcome it and become more productive.
"Remote work presents a unique challenge when it comes to sharing knowledge across a SaaS team. Employees don’t have the luxury of walking to a colleague’s desk or shouting over a wall when they need help. Even if you host a meeting, there’s no guarantee that everyone will be awake at the same time. So how can remote teams effectively share information without getting bogged down in a variety of tools and processes?"

This week's top reads

State of Startups 2019

First Round

Last year, I read (and shared in this newsletter) several reports about European startups. First Round's "State of Startups" report comes just in time to give us an overview of the US startup scene. And this time it's not just founders who've provided their insight, but also the operatives working for these companies. 
"Welcome to the fifth edition of State of Startups. What started as an experiment in 2015 has since become a treasured tradition here at First Round. It's now the industry's largest dataset on what it’s like to run a startup with 3,600+ submissions and 190,000+ data points."

Why If You Can Get to $10m ARR, You Can Get To $300m ARR

Jason Lemkin, SaaStr

It sounds crazy. Controversial. Impossible. Could it be... just math? In this post, Jason Lemkin claims that there are 4 trends in SaaS that give you an above-average chance to grow a company by a multiple of 300.
"Sounds crazy. And it may well take longer than you think.  But calmly do the math, and see if you believe. At least believe it's possible. And then go long."

Is Martech Headed for Its “Dot-Com Moment” in 2020?

Scott Brinker,

The marketing technology landscape has grown incredibly busy over the last decade. Many of the experts overseeing the field believe 2020 is the year when the bubble is finally about to burst. So does Scott Brinker, but he argues it will be just the beginning of a transformation that leads the industry into a new golden age.
"2020 is going to be a messy year of restructuring in the martech industry. But when you start hearing people claim the martech industry is dead, know that it’s likely as dead as that whole consumer Internet thing turned out to be."
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