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Code and servers. That's all that SaaS is about according to one of the articles in this week's roundup. But then why are some companies so successful while others just get by? Where does competitive advantage come from?

According to that same article — it's branding that makes the difference.
According to Ingmar from our team, it comes from customer success.

Before I let you find your answer, I have two announcements:

🤓 We are currently hiring for 5 Engineering roles! We're a fully remote team and this is a great opportunity to shape the future of subscription analytics.

📺 Check out the recording of the webinar with Spendesk, Teamwork, and Process Street on automating business and finance processes.

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New from ChartMogul

How to Build a (Remote) Customer Success Team for a SaaS Company

Ingmar Zahorsky

Running a successful subscription business depends on forging strong relationships with your customers. Learn how to make customer success the source of your competitive advantage.
"I was the first full-time customer success hire at ChartMogul. 4 years later, we’re a team of 7 people split between 3 sub-teams and we help over 2,000 great companies measure, understand, and grow their recurring revenue. Along the way, I’ve learned some things about building a great (remote) customer success team and in this article, I’m going to share them with you."

This week's top reads

The Little Known Key To Building a BIG SaaS Brand


All SaaS companies are selling two things: code and servers. But if that's the case why are some companies so successful, while others struggle to survive? It all comes down to branding. A strong brand comes down to solving three problems for its customers — an external one, an internal one, and a philosophical one.
"[W]hen Luke Skywalker presses the button on his laser blaster to shoot the unprotected part of the Death Star he resolves three problems:

External problem — destroys the Death Star
Internal problem — proves that he can become a Jedi
Philosophical problem — enables good to triumph over evil"

What to Know About SaaS Billing in 2020?

Shar Darafsheh, Servicebot

Whether you're about to launch your SaaS or running a business with thousands of customers, an efficient billing operation is an essential part of the business. In this guide, Shar explains the whole process of setting up and organizing your SaaS billing.
"You might be overwhelmed with the sheer number of tools that you came across while searching for an ideal billing solution. The truth is, there are tons of tools out there, and many of them overlap in functionality. Understanding the building blocks of SaaS billing will help you identify the key features to look out for when selecting your tools."

What Makes a Great SaaS Product Demo? 10 Best Practices from the Brightest Sales Leaders


Demos are simple, right? You get on a call with a prospect, do a screenshare, show your favorite features... and you just lost a customer. Learning how to prepare and execute your demos is essential for closing more deals.
"Your demo is a rare opportunity to understand product fit, build a relationship, overcome concerns and move the qualified lead towards a close. It’s a make-or-break step in your sales process that you have to get right."
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