SaaS Roundup #145

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We're back, with some great reads to share. It feels like half of the SaaS universe is reflecting on 2018, while the other half is immersed in planning for 2019.

Whatever stage you're at, the articles below should prove useful — from product strategy (thanks Intercom) to seed stage content marketing (thanks Juro).

Have a productive January!

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The 20 most popular SaaS Roundup reads of 2018

Ed Shelley (@mr_ed)

Every week we scour the web to pick our top three industry reads and share them in our SaaS Roundup newsletter. As we approach the end of 2018, I thought it would be a good time to take stock of the articles that resonated most with our audience. Here’s a rundown of the top 20 for your reading pleasure.

The ChartMogul 2018 year in review

Nick Franklin (@Nick_Franklin)

One of our favorite end-of-year traditions is reflecting on what we shipped, published, and achieved each year. Here’s a summary of our 2018 highlights.

This week's top reads

What we learned about product and design in 2018

Des Traynor & Paul Adams, Intercom

I always enjoy listening to Intercom co-founder Des Traynor chat about his learnings on Intercom's growth journey. This podcast discussion between Des and Intercom's VP of product Paul Adams serves as a great starting point for thinking about high-level strategy for 2019.
"Don’t ignore the voice of your unmet customer — the prospective customer who didn’t become a user because of a product shortcoming. We built a process with the Sales team called “Problems To Be Solved” to capture this feedback."

A landscape of the major SaaS app stores

Clement Vouillon, Point Nine Capital

For maturing SaaS businesses, it appears that an important step on the journey from product to platform is launching an app store. Clement's article is an excellent overview of the (rapidly changing) state of play in this space, as well as a few key takeaways.
"When you look at the SaaS landscape, the trend is clear: an increasing number of software marketplaces emerge to cover the whole spectrum. And I don’t think it will stop. If there’s not an app store in a category, just look at the biggest player and wait that it launches its platform."

Content at seed stage: 3 lessons in the art of the possible

Tom Bangay, Juro

Tom, head of content at contract management solutino Juro gives a refreshingly pragmatic view on how you can use the tools and skills at your disposal in a small startup to build an effective content marketing operation.
"All this meant that while I could achieve rankings that drove inbound, they were ultimately the wrong inbound. Only when we started to pivot to lower-volume rankings that were more relevant to our product — legal operations, or legal design — did we start to drive the *right* traffic."
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