SaaS Roundup #203

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What separates a good manager from a truly exceptional one?

Is it charisma? Or is the ability to create a great system that motivates and unites your team and then get out of the way? At ChartMogul, we believe it's the latter. 

This week, we look at the one critical system that defines sales teams — how to choose a commission structure for your sales team.

A simple question on the surface — but hard to answer once you start looking into the details.

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New from ChartMogul.

Finding the Best Sales Commission Structure for your Business in 2020
Andrew Gazdecki

Sales commissions are one of those things everyone thinks they know about... until they get in the weeds. We partnered with Andrew from Spiff to bring you this guide on the most popular ways companies structure sales compensation and how to choose one for your team.
"Building a great sales team is not just about hiring the best people (although that certainly matters). It’s also about creating a commission structure that motivates them to do the best job."

Our top SaaS reads.


9 Steps to Repeatable, Scalable, and Profitable Growth

David Skok

David Skok is famous for pioneering many of the SaaS metrics we take for foundational today. But when he recently got asked about the most important thing every founder should know, he didn't mention metrics — he mentioned this framework.

"In my experience, some of the most fatal and expensive mistakes founders make is trying to skip steps. Understanding this roadmap will save you countless hours and potentially millions of wasted dollars."

Your Product Sells Itself. Now Hire Sales

Kyle Poyar, OpenView

Kyle from OpenView argues that the moment you've perfected your product-fueled growth model is the best time to build a sales team to grow even further. To prove it, he looks at PLG leaders like Slack and Atlassian and what they're doing to keep growing (hint: they're scaling their sales teams).

"It’s worth underscoring that many of these businesses waited until their self-service, product-led motions were humming before they scaled their sales org."

Top Marketing Sessions from SaaStock 19

Emily Byford, SaaStock

If you're looking for a little inspiration and new ideas to try for your marketing effort, Emily has collected the best talks (full videos included) from the last edition of SaaStock in Dublin.

"If you’re in the early days of building a SaaS product, it’s common to think that you’re not ready to do marketing. [...] Well… sort of. Because your brand isn’t just company styling. It’s “what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” It’s what sets you apart from your competitors, and what people remember about your business."

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