SaaS Roundup #194

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In the spirit of the last month of the year, this week we bring you a range of new things — and via video for a change.

Sara talked to Wes Bush from the ProductLed Institute on how we use demos to identify the customers who are the best fit for ChartMogul.

And while she was waiting for me to put this newsletter together, she recorded another video showing you how to bring in data from HubSpot into ChartMogul to understand how your marketing efforts affect your business.

If that's not enough, we have more new stuff planned for you — starting next week!

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New from ChartMogul

4 Tips on Creating a Best in Class Sales to Customer Success Handoff

Alex Weihmann, ChurnZero

Getting a new customer on board is a happy time for every sales team, but it’s not quite the end of the road. The final step is the sales to customer success handoff that lays the foundation for retaining customers successfully.
"A subpar sales to customer success handoff risks adding friction to a vital part of your customer’s lifecycle. Missteps that challenge a customer’s long-term success can develop early on — even before a customer has used your product. A strong partnership between sales and customer success is essential when making this delicate transition."

How ChartMogul Shakes Up The Traditional Product Demo

Wes Bush, ProductLed Institute

ChartMogul is a fairly technical product and demos play a vital role in how we help customers succeed with it. Sara, our Director of Sales and Marketing, sat down with Wes Bush to discuss how we run demos to attract the customers who are best positioned to succeed with our platform.
"[Sara] uses a tool called Demodesk to guide users through ChartMogul so that they can successfully set up their account and see a quick win in the product. By doing so, her prospects are able to build muscle memory from using the product and they're well equipped to complete similar objectives in the product when she's no longer there to help them."

Do more with ChartMogul

In this section we want to show you cool things you can do with ChartMogul to understand and grow your subscription business. This week, Sara shows you how you can bring in marketing attribution data from HubSpot and segment your customers by acquisition channel.

This week's top reads

Introducing the Top 10 SaaS Trends for 2020

Emily Byford, SaaStock

How is SaaS going to change in 2020? The SaaStock team has used their access to the movers and shakers of the industry to summarize the trends that are going to move SaaS in the next year.
"The most noticeable trends I’m seeing in the SaaS industry is just continuing this uber-trend of overwhelm. Of more apps, more channels, more content, more messages, with the result of everyone’s just getting overwhelmed… So how do you navigate all this overwhelm is probably the number one key towards companies growing their revenue – that ability to focus."

How to Measure Success in Sales Operations


Measuring success in sales is easy. You're either hitting your quota or you're not. But measuring success in sales ops is a whole different story. If you're struggling with it yourself, perhaps learning from leaders in the space can help you.
"Sales operations is in a state of evolution. As it adapts and finds its feet,a key question is: how do we measure success in this role and how is the sales operations department held accountable?"

What is Product/Market Fit and How to Measure PMF

Oleg Yakubenkov, Go Practice

PMF. Everyone loves to talk about what it is and how they've (almost) achieved it. But measuring it is a whole different story. In this post, Oleg compares the various definitions of PMF and proposes an actionable way to measure progress towards it.
"It is important to understand that product/market fit is just an intermediate point on the road to building a successful business around your product. After reaching product/market fit, you will have to look for distribution channels to reach the market segment where the product generates maximum value. Once you do this you will have to work on the economy within the distribution channels that you’ve found."
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