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What's the most glamorous part of working at a startup? Not looking at spreadsheets.

However, subscription metrics can be really useful when looking for insight on how to grow your business in the early days.

And you really don't need Excel to make use of them.

This week, I want to give you 3 specific ideas about ways in which a small team can use their subscription metrics to get aligned and grow the business.

Ilia @ ChartMogul
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Why Founders Should Be Looking at Their Metrics From The Beginning

Ilia Markov, Zendesk Startup Central

Your company's subscription metrics can be a very valuable tool and source of insight for growth from Day 1, but you have to know how to take advantage of them. In this article, I want to give you 3 simple examples of how your metrics can be helpful, even in the early stages of a company.
"The earlier you start tracking, the earlier you’ll start learning."

This week's top reads

The VC Factor: Data-Driven Insights about VC-Backed Start-Ups in Europe

Invest Europe

What's the added value of VC? A new report by Invest Europe and the European Investment Fund tries to answer this question by looking at the effect of the €51B invested in innovative European companies over the last decade.
"We look at almost 9,000 European firms invested in 2007-15 and analyse their characteristics as well as subsequent performance."

How Zoom Became the Best Web-Conferencing Product in the World in Less Than 10 Years

Hiten Shah, FYI

When Zoom first came about, I was surprised someone was trying to launch a new tool in a space that was already packed with alternatives. When I started using it, however, I realized it had a chance — it was so much better than anything else available at the time.
"[...] Eric Yuan has been obsessed with video conferencing for more than 30 years. Zoom succeeded in a crowded, competitive space because it was a superior product. But it also succeeded because nobody cared about improving web conferencing more than Yuan did."

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for Your SaaS Company

Victoria Rudi, GroovyZebra

Not another one... I know what you're thinking, but this is a completely new approach towards building a content marketing strategy. It doesn't mention customer personas even once! 🤯 Check it out if you're looking for some new ideas for your program.
"I’ll be more radical and I’ll tell you to forget about KPIs and SMART goals. If you want to ground your marketing vision and get results from your content, work on your objectives and key results (OKRs)."
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