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This email is coming to you a little later than usual because I needed some extra time to distill all the great learnings from SaaStock 2019.

If you're interested to learn about the latest trends and discussions in SaaS, check out the recap post I wrote below.

If you couldn't attend or didn't catch us at the conference, don't worry — our CEO Nick is speaking at the Wielding Freemium virtual conference on Thursday (Oct 24)!

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6 Things I Learned at SaaStock 2019

Ilia Markov

3 days of workshops, talks, and meetings at SaaStock 2019 made 2 things clear: The industry is moving out of its baby phase and into its Golden Age and... I have a terrible penchant for making Monty Python references.
"We’re still the same people who can gather at a conference that’s named after Woodstock. But the community is also getting much smarter (and mature) about the challenges and the problems we should be talking about."

This week's top reads

How Pricing Strategy Helps Shape Your Entire Business Model

Alan Gleeson, Intercom

Almost every SaaS company is familiar with the constant necessity to change and adjust — the product, the marketing channels, the pricing. In this article, Alan goes into great detail on how you should be thinking about and changing your business model as your company grows.
"[T]he constant evolution of the SaaS marketplace means you are likely to be regularly reassessing your place on the price continuum — after all, a natural pricing point in the early days of your company is unlikely to stay that way as you grow."

A Former Netflix VP on 10 Necessary Habits for Making Tough Decisions

Gibson Biddle, Marker

Making hard decisions — about people, product, and business — is tough, especially when you’re inventing the future. You’ll often get it wrong. And when you do, Gibson says you should reflect on the decision and document your learnings. Over time, this will help you agonize less about each choice and gradually improve your odds of success.
"Early in my career, the head of product at Electronic Arts asked me, 'What would you do?' as he contemplated a tough decision. In response, I blubbered incoherently. Later, a friend at work coached me: 'Relax — he wants to know what you think. If you don’t know the answer, ask questions until you can form an opinion, then engage in debate.'"

How Proposify Went from Selling Self Serve Deals to Working with Enterprise Clients with CEO Kyle Racki

Collin Stewart, Predictable Revenue

Many SaaS companies are bitterly familiar with the challenge of keeping and sustaining growth after the initial early success. At this point, many understand that their only chance of survival is to go upmarket, but this is actually much harder to do than it sounds. If you're finding yourself in a similar situation, this interview with Proposify CEO Kyle Racki comes to the rescue.
"[A]fter a while, we realized why SaaS companies move upmarket. Churn and small plans start to kill you when you get to a few million ARR. So, when we made the transition, it was a bit tougher than we thought. Pricing was the first big change – we had capped our pricing, and we needed to figure out a new pricing scheme."
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