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This week sees a new lesson in our SaaS Metrics Refresher course. If you're not part of the course just yet, you can start from the beginning here (you'll get all lessons).

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New from ChartMogul

SaaS Metrics Refresher #8: Data Literacy

Ed Shelley (@Mr_Ed)

It’s more important than ever to ensure that your whole team is well equipped to work with metrics and data.
"A company with democratized data is a company where anyone can discover insights that help them make decisions — but getting to this point involves more than just software tools."

How Instapage is using ChartMogul to move upmarket

Sara Archer

Instapage CEO Tyson Quick shares how his team leverages ChartMogul to track the health of the business, plan for the future, and experiment with different optimizations.
"When examining retention segmented by customer plan, Instapage noticed that one plan had a retention rate that was almost twice as high as other plans. The company decided to run an experiment: offer only that plan, plus an enterprise plan."

This week's top reads

The Intrinsic Value of a SaaS Business: A 20 Year DCF

Select Software

"Is 25x revenue a crazy price to pay to invest in a fast growing SaaS company?" This the question we start out with in this walkthrough of applying a discounted cash flow (DCF) approach to valuing SaaS businesses.
"Most investors use revenue multiples of comparable companies to value SaaS businesses. However, a lot can be learned about the true value of a business at a given point in time by thinking deeper about the value of the cash it will eventually generate, and how likely that is to happen."

Our SaaS Start-up's Expenses, Equity Allocation, and Content Marketing Results After Two Years

Geoff Roberts, Outseta

Wow — there's plenty here to pick apart here, and some nice insights in the marketing strategy lessons. Should be useful for other bootstrapped SaaS startups.
"While email prospecting did start the majority of our sales conversations in 2018, in retrospect I wish I had spent less time here. While it’s a strategy that I think was appropriate given our stage - my goal was basically to stir up a small number of early accounts without spending any money - if I could do it again I’d focus more time in areas that would deliver longer term, sustainable gains. Like content marketing."

The Step-by-Step SaaS Landing page Formula [2019 edition]

Pedro Cortés

If you're putting a SaaS landing page this year, make this your starting point. Pedro breaks down all critical landing page elements. The cheat sheet is a nice touch too!
"Make sure to make it seem lower commitment like: “The first 14 days are on us!” if you’re using a free trial as your main CTA."
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