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Yesterday I opened up my Plein Air Today newsletter. I get it from Plein Air Magazine and it's free and you can sign up for it here:

Eric Rhodes is putting on free videos by artist and yesterday he featured an interview and Joe McGurl's video  "Painting Light and Atmosphere"

As Eric Rhodes says in his introduction:

"One look at Joseph McGurl’s work and you’ll see that he has something you want. In today’s broadcast, you’ll discover just a portion of Joe’s techniques for brilliantly showcasing light and atmosphere — a dream for every landscape painter. When you look at Joe’s art, you may think his techniques and methods are too advanced for you, but when you watch him work and teach, you’ll know immediately how you can incorporate some of his techniques into your very next project. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist, this video is for you!"

I reached out to Eric to see if Light Chasers could view the video. YOU CAN!  I highly recommend this to you. No matter how you paint, Joe's point of view is that of a master painter and master teacher......very rare to find both in one person. Do not miss the interview with Eric after you see the video either. Joe does not use photographs and never has! Over 80% of his work comes from his imagination and the other comes from his memory and field studies. How did he get  so adept? Why was this important to him?

No matter where you are in your painting journey, this is MAJOR INSPIRATION in a time where bleak thoughts can make us feel down. Remember, part of our job as artists is to paint the history of the now. We have a job. We never lose our job.....and painting always makes us feel better.

Here is a LINK to the series....this is the one on Joseph McGurl:

A sincere thank you to Eric Rhodes for making this happen for our artists everywhere.  Don't forget to sign up if you have not already done so.  This is one of a series to help us all through these times.  And this one is a DO NOT MISS!

Remember, Joe McGurl will be doing a workshop IN SARASOTA next December 7, 8, and 9th.  There are a FEW spots available still and after you see will want one.  To sign up for the workshop, write Patricia Mcgurl <>

I have flown, driven, rented hotels...... and that really drives up the cost of a workshop.....but I never ever regretted one dime I spent studying with one of the greatest painters of our time.....Joseph   McGurl.

We are SO lucky to have him come HERE to do a workshop.  He does not do take advantage if you can.

Enjoy the video, stay inspired, THANK  YOU Eric Rhodes and Joseph McGurl and PAINT! PAINT!

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