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Thank you for being a guest and patient at Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry. I appreciate your past loyalty, present loyalty, and future loyalty.

 As we all climb out of an extraordinary and challenging winter, I hope that all of you are safe.  With spring approaching I intend to spend countless hours outside with my wife and children.  In order to accomplish this, finding a healthy work/family balance is important. Many of you have given me great advice and I truly appreciate it. As an office, we have been training on promptness and efficiency. As we have become closer to a chartless office we have eliminated many of the time consuming tasks that had become part of our routine. I am excited for the future of dentistry, and the future of dental care in this practice. During the time that all of you are here, I look forward to continuing our journey and thank you for your patronage.

The Benefits of Same-Day CEREC CROWNS:

If you require a dental crown, most dental offices must outsource this crown and turn it into a two-visit experience. At Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry, our Boston dentist has the advanced technology to offer you dental crowns in one day! We use a Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) machine in order to provide our patients with a perfectly-fitting crown in just one visit.

A dental crown is placed for any of the following:
  • A tooth with a large dental filling that needs preservation
  • To protect a tooth after a root canal
  • To protect and restore a tooth that has been cracked, worn down, chipped, or broken
A dental crown is placed over an existing tooth and looks and functions just like a real tooth. Our office uses our CEREC machine to ensure that the dental crown matches your exact tooth color and blends in perfectly with your smile.

Typically, when a dental crown is deemed necessary, a dentist will take impressions of the tooth that requires a dental crown. After this, they will place a temporary crown and send your impressions to a lab to make your permanent crown. You would have to return at another date to have the permanent crown placed, oftentimes four weeks later.

At Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentistry, our Boston dentist uses the CEREC machine to create your dental crowns in one visit. First we will prepare the tooth that requires a crown and take digital records. Then, we will utilize the exceptional technology of the CEREC machine to ensure that your dental crown matches your tooth color and fits in seamlessly with your bite for the ultimate in comfort and functionality. Why have a crown made that take two weeks to be placed? Come to our Boston dentist today for same-day crowns!

Contact our Boston dentist, Dr. Ryan Clancy or our Boston oral surgeon, Dr. Valerie Martins today by calling us at (781) 350-4385


Powerful computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, called CAD/CAM, allows us to custom fabricate tooth-colored restorations, crown, onlays, and veneers right here in our office, and all in a single appointment. As the first step in the CAD/CAM technique, we prepare and shape the tooth. We then take a digital image using a special optical infrared camera that records the tooth’s exact dimensions directly into the CAD/CAM computer. After we carefully design the restoration, we select an appropriate material of the proper shade for your specific tooth. We place this material into the milling machine, which, in just a few minutes, shapes it into a custom-fit restoration. We then try in the new restoration, adding any necessary coloring, and bond it in place with a beautiful luster. Using CAD/CAM technology is healthier for you because it provides extremely accurate restorations, made with durable materials that work with advanced dental adhesives. This means that only a minimal amount of tooth preparation is required, leaving more of the healthy tooth structure intact. Since your new restorations are made out of tooth colored materials, they are naturally beautiful and reflect light properly. With CAD/CAM technology, you can have a strong and beautiful restoration in just one appointment.

In The Community

For the forth straight year we had the pleasure of serving and sponsoring over 200 local senior citizens celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day. Through the Medford Council on Aging and located at the Medford Senior Center we again had a great time this past March 11th. We closed the office and were able to serve a luncheon of Corned Beef and Cabbage by Marty’s Catering. Music and entertainment kept the event lively and some of the costumes were memorable. We want to thank the Medford Council on Aging for allowing our office to be a part of their annual celebrations.

Staff Spotlight

Kathleen ~ Dental Assistant

I grew up on the North Shore of Boston and enjoy putting down roots where most of my family resides. I went to Salem State and studied social work and child psychology. I have been a dental assistant since 2003. I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Clancy since 2009. It is rewarding to work in a progressive, friendly environment where I am able to make a difference in our guests’ smiles and overall health. I love the attention to detail and comprehensive care that we can provide on a daily basis. In my personal time I enjoy traveling and spending time with my husband, Chris and son Declan.  
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