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Business With Purpose

Wednesday, February 13th at 3 pm 
In January 2019 the energy conglomerate PG&E announced bankruptcy due to climate change while the world’s largest asset manager, BlackRock, has written its second annual letter to CEOs dedicated to the urgency of operating business with purpose. Environmental impact, social innovation and corporate governance around the globe will be a significant part of the challenges Gabelli graduate students will face as future leaders. The Gabelli ad campaign clearly indicates the program’s commitment to business with purpose. This event will be about how Gabelli prepares business leaders to face these challenges head-on.
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Intern for @ecoshaker

@Ecoshaker is looking for a part-time intern with a passion for environmental sustainability to help create a brand targeted to advocate and educate people on a sustainable lifestyle.

Responsibilities include:

- Brainstorm and organize create
- Create videos and content on a regular basis
- Organize and handle the logistics of events, tasks, social media and website
- Organizing events within the New York community as well as internationally (ex- beach cleanups, documentary screenings, educational meetings, etc.)
- Running social media for brand
ways spread the sustainable lifestyle
- Serve as the go-to person for the brand under the CEO 
- Attend sustainable meetings and events in the city
- Support CEO in leading eco committees in local schools


- Must be sufficient in social media managing, word, excel, etc. 
- Must be very passionate about sustainability and environmental awareness
- Must be creative, hard-working and organized 
- Must be able to handle planning more than one event at once
- Must have some knowledge about sustainability
- Must have social skills and be comfortable meeting new people and networking
- Must have some prior knowledge in taking photos, videos, creating content 

About @ecoshaker - Giada Lubomirksi created @ecoshaker a few years ago to give her passion and knowledge of sustainability a platform. Her goal is to show, teach and create an awareness around living an eco-friendly life. Her knowledge of environmental awareness spans many decades as she prides herself and her brand on constant and an ever growing base of the absolute best sustainable practices. She is also married to Alexi Lubomirski, world renown fashion photographer to whom she has guided in his own sustainable image. Alexi is a passionate vegan, animal advocate and sustainable spokesperson in the fashion world. She is also a mother to two boys and is working constantly to find the best way to educate our youth on eco-friendly living. Her goal is to magnify @ecoshaker's platform and continue to amplify its impact.

Please contact if interested.

Apply to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
DEI is a network of students who are committed to highlighting those aspects of student life experience that does not promote a collaborative and inclusive environment for students to thrive. We work closely with student organizations, Student life Deans and administrative staff to find solutions to some of these problems through systems thinking associative work. While it is important to highlight and celebrate the diversity in our student experiences, we believe that it is also important to maintain a fair and equitable distribution of student resources and ensure that these groups do not morph into discriminatory silos that hinder student collaboration and an inclusive community.
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Apply for Financial Inclusion Practicum

The Financial Inclusion Practicum exists to explore, implement, and track innovative solutions that promote financial wellness for the underbanked and unbanked in New York City.

The Bronx contains a demographic marked by not only significant social 
capital, but also very limited financial resources. The harsh reality of the latter is accentuated by the current state of consumer banking. Traditional and popular consumer banks either do not provide bank account access, or do so at extreme cost to individuals with poor documentation or credit rating. These individuals are underbanked and unbanked; the underbanked prefer cash transactions instead of more traditional financial services while the unbanked do not have bank accounts at all.
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The Innovator, Fordham’s newest student publication, shares stories of people creating meaningful, equitable, and lasting change in their communities. Through print, digital, and social media platforms, we work to spark more campus dialogue about the social and economic struggles Bronx residents and New Yorkers face. Our team is in critical need of writers, graphic designers, and social media strategists!
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