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Welcome to the CQ Newsletter February 2018 
There were three standout moments this month for me.

Firstly, Waitangi Day 2018 set a whole new level of engagement and inclusiveness that I’m hoping will set a standard for future Governments. It was heartening to see so many people turn up and be part of this historic event. I remember as a teenager in 1976, seeing Maori protesters lead by Joe Hawke occupy Bastion Point, with the general consensus being; ‘What are they on about?’ ‘What a bloody nuisance these Maori are’. So when I reflect on that time I appreciate how far we have come. It’s worth remembering that from time to time. I believe we are a step closer to Ngapuhi being settled as a result, which would be another giant step forward.

Secondly, CQ launched our 29th Strategic Team in Wellington, which is a cool achievement in itself, but the highlight was this question from one of the new members: ‘How does the composition of this team differ from the first, put together 10 years ago?’  It took me a while to calibrate and reflect, and was a bit shocked by the reality, which was this:  Only one of this new team would have been in the original team 10 years ago - only one! And the reason for that is the sheer diversity of this latest team is unparallelled. I was really excited on this reflection as it represented just how far we had come, and this months Blog examines more closely why diversity is key.

Finally, last weekend I travelled to Wellington to watch my son Guy participate in the Regional Young Farmers Final for Taranaki and Manawatu. I was very proud to watch him compete in this pressure cooker and hold his own, and pondered the fact I was very grateful to be watching, rather than participating, especially in the Saturday night quiz.

During the competition I was able to catch up with some old acquaintances from my previous life in farming. I always find this interesting. One of these farmers reacted very strongly when I expressed surprise at the competition being held in Miramar. He went onto say the Rural/Urban divide was the biggest issue facing New Zealand today. Shut the Front Door - really?!  And bringing the Young Farmer competition to Wellington was going to help that? Fair enough!

End of conversation I thought - but no he was just getting started.  I was told all the fabulous things farmers did for the country and how they keep us fed and clothed, and people today (especially anyone from the cities)  just don’t get how cool they are. By now he was getting rather worked up. I was reminded of the Monty Python skit ‘And you tell young people today, and they won’t believe ya’.
Yes the Rural/Urban divide is growing. Actually the Province/City divide is growing. But getting cross is not going to stop that.
What I realised is that this particular chap’s status has been as a dominant for 60 years (check out Novembers Blog as a reference), and he is struggling to reconcile the changing landscape. I almost felt sorry for him.

CQ Founder

Shout out to just one couple this month:

Karen Wishnowsky (CQ's Liaison Manager) and Spud tied the knot this month after 18 years together. We hope they're not rushing things!

The Big Meeting - We’ve canned it for now

Lots of learnings for us here! 
We responded to requests last year from members, for a Big Meeting and got to work organising what we thought you wanted. Epic fail. 
When registrations were sluggish and we realised we hadn’t hit the mark, we made the call to cancel it. Then we got curious and started gathering feedback.

Here's what we have learnt so far:
The price point was too high
The time of year sucked as it didn’t leave time to promote during the Christmas break
Not enough lead in time for planning
Format was not compelling or clear

Thanks for the feedback.  We are still gathering data, and welcome your views both written or verbal.

Daring Goddess Retreat

CQ is delighted to be bringing you, in conjunction with the Artemis Group, a brilliant opportunity to learn from two highly skilled Brene Brown practitioners. 

Topics covered are:
What does courage look like for me?
Who am I as an authentic leader?
How do I continue to grow and develop?
Register here

We’re putting together an Advisory Board and looking for some wild cards!

Mary Beth and Harv were chatting about lifting their game recently, as they were feeling pretty comfortable about where things are at…. There is always more that can be done for and by the CQ family.
There is a need to revitalise the conversation around innovation and get a greater influence from the CQ community flowing into a creative space.
So, this is where they got to.
  • Let’s create a 6-person Advisory Board that will meet 3 afternoons/evening per year in Wellington face to face.
  • Not governance, but innovation and idea curation focussed.
  • A place for members and others to submit ideas that deserve wider consideration.
  • Looking for people who can lift Collective Intelligence beyond the national stage.
  • This will also be the home of the CQ Scholarships program – choosing/designing/monitoring.
  • This is for doers, not dreamers. Though dreaming is good too.
  • It needs to be fun.
  • And the pay is less than terrible.
So far, we have 4 great people confirmed, all with international experience, with Craig Pattison as convenor, and we thought, let’s throw it open now to fill the last two gaps.
Mary Beth is really keen to have people who have not been influenced or charmed by Harv be put forward (what’s with that?) so here’s your chance to submit candidates to Mary Beth.

Harv’s Blog

Click here to read

Quote of the month:

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." - Ted Geisel aka "Dr. Seuss"

Books, Films or TED Talks to check out!

Directed by City Impact Church

The Broken

The movie Is based on the true story of Tarore, the daughter of a Nagati Haua chieftain killed in the 1830’s in a conflict with a neighboring iwi.
Broken modernises the story in a Gisborne coastal settlement where two gangs jostle for power.
What is fascinating is that the film is directed by the City Impact Church, and directed by the son of one of the church founders - Terry Mortlock. It’s worth a look.
BROKEN - Official Trailer (2017)

Author Antonio Garcia Martinez

Chaos Monkeys

If you want to look into the world of Silicon Valley generally and Facebook in particular, this is an entertaining and informative read.

Click here to purchase


Ian Harvey CQ Founder 

Karen Wishnowsky, Coordinator
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