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Welcome to the CQ June 2017 Newsletter
Personally June has been a unique month in that I have experienced my first ever OE trip. I have been to family events abroad before, but never for an extended period of time as a tourist. I owe much to Kate for her planning and support on this OE to the UK, which made the whole trip so much more functional and fun as a result. Plus the CQ team have encouraged me to keep out of the business, which has been hugely appreciated. 
We were here during the UK election and it was interesting to see the youth vote kick in and have a huge impact on the results. I talked to a number of these younger voters and they were highly strategic, and had put a huge amount of thought into it, which was great to see. My other insight was that I like MMP more than our old system of first past the post, as it’s more dynamic and responsive to change. Never thought I would say that!
We travelled by train around most of the UK, which worked very well getting to view the magnificent scenery. They have a national service and then in parts also Virgin Rail. I’ve heard alot about the fabled Virgin brand, where the staff are considered more important than customer, and so was fascinated to experience the service. Night and Day between the two services would be the best description, and the national service is reasonably good. The people who served us on Virgin were having fun, they were engaged, and showed a huge amount of their own personality while serving us. So intrigued by this I interrogated 3 of them wandering the streets between shifts to find out more (Kate scarpered as she felt sorry for them putting up with me).
Here’s what I found out. They get paid more than national rail would but not a biggy, they get a huge amount of flexibility and rotation in their schedule, they are encouraged to be themselves in front of customers, they are trained at a Virgin academy, and they are considered special by the company. And yes they come before the customer. The result is exceptional service, which we can learn much from.
My other insight from the UK, is their town planning is far superior in that they have well defined town boundaries and then countryside. There is a huge amount of open space for an island no bigger than New Zealand but with a population of about 66 million people. We need to get a plan sorted for future growth or we will be a nation of lifestyle blocks, with houses spread across the country. 
Oh and Kate and I spent more time together than we ever have, and she still likes me - that’s a good sign I thought.

CQ Founder

Why winning the America's Cup is so much more than just a sporting event 

So we have done it - over come the ghost of the last regatta and won the America's Cup against all odds. If you are not into yachting, or sport, or competition, we get it. However, winning this event is so much more important for New Zealand the country, the national brand, marketing opportunities, for a huge number of companies and enterprises than most could possibly fathom. 

Our future as a nation is not in exporting more and more protein, but continually adding to our basket of services/technology and innovations across dozens of fields that the world desires. And winning this event shows we can innovate and execute.

Congratulations to the designers, financiers, negotiators, and all the people behind the scenes, because there is no way you can win an event like that without the backroom grunt.

The reward of working with cool people

From time to time we get feedback from members that is totally unexpected, and always appreciated. It is always different, but we love hearing how members have developed as a result of being in a CQ team.
Harv had the pleasure of a call from Andy Whitson out of the blue, expressing his appreciation of being involved in a CQ and how he had been able to apply those learnings into real life. So we asked Andy if he would mind putting pen to paper, and sharing his learnings with a few hundred others. See below for what he wrote.
Andy's learnings

B Corp here we come

There is a new initiative arrived in New Zealand in the past 18 months or so, called B Corp. At its core, it is a movement that shifts business mindset from ‘best for the world’ to best for the world’.

Our goal is to become B-Corp certified by the end of 2017. Certification is a rigorous process, and it will call on us to lift our game in many ways! This is Charlie's next focus to get CQ over the line.

Here is a link to the Australia/NZ B Corp website - take a quick look.
It might be something that could help your business!

What is going on in the workforce at present?

Since the inception of CQ we have seen a number of very stressy periods come and go in the professional community. The GFC was going on when we started (great timing), the next was when we were climbing out of that phase and companies were under resourced, and again right now. We notice so many people are just snowed under, and/or manically busy.

So I referred to the sage Ian McDougall to give his views on what he was observing and this is what I got back.

A possible commentator for the next America's Cup


Ian Harvey CQ Founder 

Karen Wishnowsky, Coordinator
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