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Welcome to the CQ March 2018 Newsletter

The end of March marks the final round of the initial team meetings for 2018. 
What is apparent from feedback and conversations is that the teams are humming on the whole. What does this mean to me?  Teams are pushing boundaries and each other to be the best versions of themselves. Well done to everyone who has enabled these outcomes.
The most common theme for March that I received was this: Honesty was the highlight. Honesty! Wow think what that enables? What can come from honesty? New information and insights if you're brave enough. Love it! 

Last week, along with half a dozen other CQ members, I had the chance to attend the ‘Better by Design’ CEO Summit in Auckland. We had speakers from around the globe from companies like Facebook, Airbnb, Uber and NZ icons such as Allbirds, and Icebreaker. All good stuff around customer focused philosophies, and lots of big metrics being bandied around which was impressive. However, there was only one standing ovation in the two days, and that was for the smallest company of all. 

When Lisa King got up to introduce Eat My Lunch, she had confessed to me prior to be a little daunted after listening to these powerhouses speak. But what the audience received was a look into what business can bring to solving some of the social inequalities that exist today, and make a profit. Social Enterprise is an exceptionally powerful model. Lisa has designed a company that not only feeds hungry kids at school, and some families at night, but has engaged volunteers to help make lunches from 6.30am each morning. Her CQ team were enrolled with this job just yesterday.

My belief is that Social Enterprise will become mainstream in all businesses and that charities will die away as they are replaced with more sustainable models. In the interim, companies have the chance to develop their own individual social purpose with the help from Tomorrow Inc. These guys are passionate about helping any company to develop their unique social purpose and are running a workshop on Purposeful Growth and have offered a VIP discount for CQ Members. 

Have a safe and fun Easter break with friends and family. 

CQ Founder

Shout out to:

Eva Gluyas who is waiting to have a brain tumour removed. Good luck Eva, and speedy recovery.

Deb Manning featured this month in M2Woman magazine. KiwiHarvest is another stunning initiative.

Che Wilson in leading Ngati Rangi as chief negotiator to the signing of Deed of Settlement. This is after 28 years of negotiations. I remember Che hosting his CQ team some years back, and it is very humbling to realise just how long and draining a negotiation process is for his Whanau.

Kathy Tracey who has just completed the Womens' Heritage Walk from Al Ain to Abu Dhabi which involves 12 weeks of training prior to the walk. They cover 90 kms in 6 days in the desert and for fun?!! 

The youth of America for making a stand on the gun laws and NRA. It will be fascinating to see this unfold.

Harv's Blog

Read Here

Attention all Women who Lead
The Daring Way - Building Confidence and Courage for Women Leaders

What does courage look like for me?
Who am I as an authentic leader?
How do I continue to grow and develop?
Registrations are open for this now.

Bigger than Texas

Ben and Jade Hurst ventured off to the South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin Texas, and got out again (good work).  We asked Ben to give us a summary of Elon Musk's presentation, and he’s done a pretty good job - worth the read to get a glimpse of the future.
Oh and if any of you come across some interesting stuff while orbiting the globe - let us know please.
Click to Read Ben's Summary

CQ’s Code of Conduct

We realised this year that there was confusion around confidentiality. 
What was confidential and what wasn’t?  
So we thought let's get clear on this once and for all.  Thanks to the expert help of Derek Johnston we now have a Code of Conduct which is as concise as we could make it.
From this work we are going to allow the printing of updates again - and you will all treat them as highly confidential, as per the Code. 

Quality vs Quantity with CQ Membership

I was asked to put a small piece into the newsletter about this topic by one of our members, Rich Alderton, after a discussion about exiting a high status individual from a CQ team. The message is that this member just did not exhibit the attributes of ambition and curiosity, and as a result was holding the team back in a number of ways - sabotage mostly. Anyway we went through a transparent and fair process and moved on.
Rich was surprised by this, and thought it was a message the community needed to hear, as it demonstrated that we are committed primarily to having members with all 4 attributes, rather than growth for growth's sake.

Check out what the Israelis have come up with!!

Click here to read about this extraordinary water generation technology
Shock Verdict
Click the picture above to watch this really clever way to communicate a very serious message.

Books, Films or TED Talks to check out!

Bob Seldon


Harv has always been interested on the impact of language, and gets a little fanatical on it (just ask poor Sonia at the office), so he was delighted when he was introduced to an expert in this field. Bob Seldon has written a book on the subject. ‘Don’t’  is an interesting read which will give you an insight on the effect. Bob is also interested in engaging with CQ teams to help lift their game, so let us know if you’re keen to have Bob spread his knowledge with you.


Ian Harvey CQ Founder 

Karen Wishnowsky, Coordinator
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