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April 2015

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Parkland Valley Sport, Culture and Recreation District  along with the other FLASH Kids partners are working together to provide access to quality, healthy child developmental activities for parents & tots through LeapBC LEAP resources.

If you are looking for activities that are fun and promote learning for your children, you may want to access the LEAP resources from your nearest library.  You can quickly create a 30 minute fun, but structured activity for children ages 0 to 6.  It may be just what you’ve been looking for!

What is LeapBC Resources?
The LEAP resources are a set of activity cards that promote healthy child development, integrating Literacy, Education, Activity and Play.  They are designed to assist families, caregivers and early learning practitioners who engage with young children.

LEAP with ME
Is a program outline that assists you in putting together a  program in your community using the free LEAP resources. The FLASH Kids partners have compiled complete sets of these activity cards called LEAP Kits which can accessed from your nearest library. The LEAP Kits can be signed out by parents, daycare workers,  pre-K teachers and others to use in your community program.  Once you are done with the LEAP Kit you return it to the library and exchange it for a new one. The LEAP Kits cover four areas: healthy eating, literacy, and physical activity through play.  These activities are fun and provide many opportunities for parents & children to spend time playfully and productively together.

For more information regarding the LEAP Kits or if your community Mom & Tot’s group is interested in piloting our LEAP with ME Community Program Guide, please contact Nadine Frisk , Community Consultant with Parkland Valley  (306) 786-6586 or

Active Saskatchewan

Effective April 1, 2015, the operation of the in motion initiative has been transferred from SPRA to the newly incorporated organization, Active Saskatchewan. Active Saskatchewan will continue to focus on the sustainability, growth and stewardship of the in motion movement, however as a stand-alone organization, there is increased potential to expand its reach and operations.

 SPRA will continue to play an active role in Active Saskatchewan to ensure recreation and physical activity are a part of the plan to make Saskatchewan communities safe and engaging places to live.

For additional information on Active Saskatchewan, please contact Saskatchewan in motion at 306 780-9248, or 1-866-888-3648. Your feedback and comments are welcomed

National Volunteer Week: April 12 – 18, 2015

Make sure to take the time to recognize, celebrate and thank your volunteers. Visit this page for free, downloadable tools and resources to assist you in planning your National Volunteer Week campaign.

Saskatchewan Child Abuse Protocol

The Saskatchewan Child Abuse Protocol demonstrates a commitment by the Government of Saskatchewan to ensure that all efforts to protect children from abuse and neglect are integrated, effective and sensitive to the needs of children. To achieve this goal, all police, professionals and organizations are being asked to collaborate with the Government of Saskatchewan in an effort to prevent, detect, report, investigate and prosecute cases of child abuse and support children who have been abused.

As agencies and organizations involved in the delivery of sport activities, the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport has asked Sask Sport to provide this information to the many community groups in our network who are working with children. Although there will be many people in our sport community who are familiar with, or who already using, programs that build awareness and resources to help keep kids safe, such as RespectED and Respect in Sport, we ask that you pass along this information to reinforce the protocol to ensure that instructors, coaches and leaders in our communities are aware of their "duty to report" suspicions of child abuse.

The Child and Family Services Act (Section 12, Subsection 1 and 4) states that every person who has reasonable suspicion to believe that a child may be in need of protection shall report the information to a child protection worker, Ministry of Social Services, First Nations Child and Family Services Agency or Police officer.

Visit the Saskatchewan Social Services website for more information regarding the Saskatchewan Child Abuse Protocol or Child Protection Services.

Upcoming Events:

National Volunteer Week - April 12- 18, 2015

Embedding your Long-Term Goals in the Everyday - April 24

Take the Lead: Master Trainer Workshop - May 21-22

HIGH FIVE® Sport Workshop - May 23

Charity Village offers self-paced, online courses on topics such as board development, policies and procedures, grant seeking and sponsorship.  Check out their complete list of available courses.

Grants/Funding Opportunities:

Métis Cultural Development Fund
Application Deadline - April 30, 2015

Co-op Community Spaces
Application Deadline - May 15, 2015

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