We owe so many thanks to all who have so generously donated to help us build our new barn.  This barn is vital to the well-being of the animals in our care;  its special infirmary area will enable us to bring in other animals who have special needs. 
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Dear Friends,

We have joined the 21st century!  I'm really happy to introduce our farm's new monthly newsletter in this fancy format. It's chock-a-block full of news, information, and of course, the requisite funny story from the Chronicles of Newman. Please let us know what you think!

About the new barn: We are so pleased with the progress on the ground preparation and plans for the new barn.  We are hoping to have the structure up before the real winter hits us hard.  You can see photos and detailed plans on our web site!  We are still actively accepting donations for this project at our YouCaring campaign - be a part of this exciting new chapter!

Upcoming Events: Please come and visit us over the holidays!  Our Holiday Gift Shoppe is open every Saturday 10-4 starting November 29 through December 20.  On December 20, the real Santa Claus will be at our farm to visit the animals and hear your last minute gift requests. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity!

Yours truly,
Farmer Anne

Animal News

Bello’s hospital treatment going well

Our 20 year old Dutch Warmblood gelding has been undergoing intensive treatment with our wonderful veterinarian Dr. Lewis and also as an outpatient at the Equine veterinary hospital in Leesburg, Virginia.  He has an enlarged and congested (sabulous) bladder.  Read about his treatment [note: some photos are a bit medical and thus graphic].  He is a beloved member of our farm community and we need your help to ensure we can continue his treatments so that he can live out his life in health and comfort. Make a donation directly to his medical fund.


Meet the new kids on the block, Bobby and his brother Billy Bob.  These bros had been hanging out at a local drug den but the cops were about to bust them, so a good Samaritan made sure they had a fast getaway and came straight to our farm. Our timely intervention saved them from a life of crime and from starting a rockabilly band with the unfortunate name "Billy Bob and the Crack House Roosters." Read more about our new arrivals

Animal Advocates' Corner

Without even moving from your computer you can help animals! Here are sites that provide information on current legislation both on the federal level and in your state: Often, farm animals we find in distress cannot be helped because the laws do not provide them protection. Your representatives do care what you think - let them know!

Amazing Fact

State of the Veg*n:  As of 2014, over 16 million Americans are now vegetarian or vegan.
Source: The Raw Food World


STORIES:  From the Chronicles of Newman

"Naptime in Boyds"
Excerpt: "If you were to venture out to Star Gazing Farm any time between 2 and 5 pm any day of the week, you might be alarmed at what you saw.  Animal bodies are laid out all over the place.  No discernible conscious thought is taking place anywhere on the farm." Read full story

Fun Recipe

Easy-Peasy Cheddar Cheesy Doggy Biscuits
These easy-to-make cheesy dog biscuits are a fun family project; kids especially love to help make these and give as Holiday gifts for the special doggy friends in their lives! [go here now to get that recipe!]

Animal Care Tips

Winter is fast approaching, and that means extra care is needed to protect farm animals from the elements.
  • The three basics are:  fresh, clean water all the time, lots of hay to keep their internal furnaces burning, and shelter from the wind and elements.
  • Elderly animals may need extra protection - shop around now for jackets that fit rather than waiting until the first blizzard hits!
  • Be prepared to construct extra wind-breaks for the really frigid weather, and have extra supplies on hand in case you get snowed in!
Read more about preparing your barn and your animals' feed and outfits for the winter.
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