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Happy New Year, Year in Review 2022

Dear Wisdom Café Wednesday readers, as we return to work from the curtailment period, we find ourselves transitioning our minds from the holiday highlights to reconnecting with our work. Wisdom Café Wednesday is a place where we can learn best practices from content experts, spotlight trends and highlights from our colleagues, and explore new material to enhance our professional knowledge.
Rather than jumping into a new theme of the week, Wisdom Café Wednesday is using this time to take a look back and share some snapshots and highlights over the past year with its readers. You have seen television shows, followed weekly storytelling, or heard podcasts that dedicate episodes to flashbacks; Wisdom Café Wednesday is borrowing this concept as we return to work.  
This week’s edition of Wisdom Café Wednesday invites you to take a look at some of your favorite editions. A select few can be found here in the archives. When pursuing the archives and your inbox, which edition was your favorite, and which was one that you might have wanted to take a second peek at? The new semester of 2023 is here and more editions are on the way. In addition, we are continuing to seek our readers' input on content for the future.  Please respond to this questionnaire before it closes on Friday, January 13th.

For the year 2022, the first edition of Wisdom Café Wednesday was released on January 19th. Since then, Wisdom Café Wednesday and its readers have contributed to the following snapshots.

  • Number of total e-mails sent: 99,000
  • Newsletter open rate: 58%
  • Total editions sent: 51
  • Subscriber engagement rate: 74%
  • Subscriber increase over the year: 3.9%
  • Top 3 locations of subscribers: Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco

LinkedIn Learnings:

  • Activation rates by Staff and Academic Personnel: 76% based on availability
  • Hours of content viewed: 5,584
  • Courses viewed: 22,889
  • Courses completed: 2,769


Top 20 Courses

  1. Excel Essential Training (Microsoft 365) (2018)

  2. Project Management Foundations (2019)

  3. Speaking Confidently and Effectively

  4. The Six Morning Habits of High Performers

  5. SQL Essential Training

  6. How to Speak So People Want to Listen

  7. Communicating with Confidence

  8. Project Management Simplified

  9. Interpersonal Communication

  10. Photoshop 2022 Essential Training

  11. Excel 2019 Essential Training

  12. Communication Tips

  13. Learning Python

  14. Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

  15. Excel: Advanced Formulas and Functions

  16. Reduce Stress and Anxiety by Managing Your Nervous System

  17. Learning Data Analytics: 1 Foundations

  18. Overcome Overthinking

  19. Learning R

  20. Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging


Top 20 Learning Paths

  1. Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Learning for Everyone

  2. Microsoft Excel

  3. Communication Skills

  4. Master Microsoft Excel

  5. Become a Data Analyst

  6. Time Management & Organizational Skills

  7. Project Management Skills

  8. Become a Project Manager

  9. Advance Your Python Skills for Data Science

  10. Master SQL for Data Science

  11. Job Search Essentials Learning Path for UC Berkeley

  12. Decision Making & Problem-Solving Skills

  13. Manage Remote/Telecommuting Employees

  14. Develop Your Communication Skills and Interpersonal Influence

  15. Getting Started with Python

  16. Collaboration

  17. Getting Started with R for Data Science

  18. Become a Financial Analyst

  19. Become a User Experience Designer

  20. Negotiation


These trends and topics have been self-directed by Berkeley employees looking to advance in a current skill set, while also learning a new subject of expertise. Wisdom Café Wednesday also recognizes and appreciates Berkeley employees who provide ongoing training and development to their colleagues, clients, students, student leaders, and fellow professionals through associations and conferences.

As you refresh your professional goals, Wisdom Café Wednesday invites you to select a Learning Path in LinkedIn Learning that works for you.  LinkedIn Learning’s features by default are not available to the average user.  People & Culture provides access to these resources for UC Berkeley’s employees helping chart a learning path, while also letting them pick from an array of topics and themes. These learning paths fit within the larger themes of Business, Arts & Creativity, Technology, Certification Programs, and UC Berkeley recommendations. Within these themes, there are hundreds of subcategories/Learning Paths to go through asynchronously. To access the LinkedIn Learning portal, please use this link to log in, first using your account, then click forward to connect through UC Berkeley’s CALNet authentication single sign-on.

To make a learning path work for you, Wisdom Café Wednesday challenges you to select one that syncs with your professional goals for the next year. Be it something you wrote about in Achieve Together, something you are striving to achieve in a new professional position or a new way to advance in your current position. As organizations and teams foster new ideas including employee professional development, these learning paths offer a database of knowledge.

Wisdom Café Wednesday Opportunities to Learn and Enhance Visibility

Managing Excellently

As we return to the cycle of work in our ways, managers are reacclimating themselves and their teams. The team culture they set impacts the experiences of their employees. Featured here are some recent 2022 Excellence in Management Awards recipients and how they set and model a team’s culture. As a manager, if you would like to share how you model team culture and would like to be featured on this web page, please reach out to the e-mail address below.

Staff Spotlights 

UC Berkeley continues to be a top employer in the Bay Area. Staff spotlights personalize the UC Berkeley workplace showcasing their past experiences, including their skill sets that might not always coincide with their jobs as laid out in their job descriptions. Some of the featured employees here include Wisdom Café Wednesday readers. If you would like to be featured on this webpage, please reach out to the e-mail address below.

Sharpening a Hard or Soft Skill

Readers of Wisdom Café Wednesday have used its content to enhance hard and soft skills. Past editions have delved into hard skills that are industry-specific (software, project management, Microsoft Suite, etc.). These help employees learn and practice to advance in their field. Soft skills are transferable to current positions, future positions, and special projects when working with others (i.e. DEIB, listening and public speaking, career management).

Note: As referenced above, Wisdom Café Wednesday invites managers and employees to consider being featured in manager and staff spotlights. If you are interested in being shown on Berkeley People & Culture Grow Your Community webpage, please email We look forward to recognizing you and showcasing you as a resource to your colleagues.

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