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New Beginnings - Leading Change Through Process Improvement

When we dream and envision the steps it takes to enact changes that improve our business processes, we also find ourselves at many crossroads asking ourselves, “where do I start?” or “how do I approach this strategically?” One starting place could be to identify something that can be improved, stemming from a practice or service we implement frequently. What prompts us to think this way are our direct experiences with processes, repeat patterns of trends we have encountered, the introduction of new technologies, and reaching milestones when we feel that a process or practice has run its course.

In recognizing when certain practices and processes have run their course, a process improvement can be seen as our next upgrade. While this might be a multi-year rollout, it’s important to validate the current employees, and past employees, and prepare for future employees as the contributing force that helped bring these changes.

This week’s Wisdom Cafe Wednesday invites its readers to think about business processes and practices they have seen that they would like to see apply an upgrade. New processes and improvements using innovation have been known to boost team morale, reflect on the good work that has been completed, and give us a chance to advance our narratives in how we tell our stories.

Calling all UC staff, are you ready to BUILD, UNBUILD, REBUILD your way to a more streamlined and engaging workplace? Join us in San Diego on March 28 & 29 for Process Palooza, a unique event celebrating the people and processes that foster positive change and operational excellence across the UC!

Our interactive workshops will give you the tools you need to build a strong foundation, unbuild old habits and processes, and rebuild something better. Learn from industry experts, hear thought-provoking keynote speeches, connect with like-minded professionals, compete to improve real business processes, and have fun while you’re at it!


UC President Michael Drake himself has given his stamp of approval, encouraging us to be curious, ask questions, and rethink the way we do things. And what better way to do that than at Process Palooza, the ultimate incubator for business innovation and continuous improvement at UC and beyond? Watch President Drake’s video message.


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More Info

  • When: March 29, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Pre-event training & meet-ups on March 28, 1 PM - 4 PM.

  • Where: UC San Diego Price Center

  • Who: Anyone with a passion for excellence and continuous improvement

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Create Your Continuous Improvement Culture

The Lean Six Sigma (a training method and certificate program used to enhance collaboration and drive process excellence) the Process Palooza conference uses its principles to structure the learning experience for its attendees. It is also a common training and certification used to supplement project management types of training and certifications.

The following LinkedIn Learning e-course Lean Six Sigma Foundations provides insights into how the practices apply to any organization and can help you apply the concepts to any processes you are seeking to improve. Presented by Steven Brown, Educator & Trainer, he breaks down the definitions of the Lean Six Sigma concepts that can guide us along various pathways to improving our organization’s processes and practices.

Wisdom Cafe Wednesday invites you to imagine a process or practice you want to improve and use the concepts outlined in the Lean Six Sigma Foundations. Ask yourself how these concepts can help you get started for something that you are prepared to implement, and how the concepts challenge you to convene a team to get started.

Note: In addition, Berkeley Extension offers a Certificate Program in Project Management available through a total of 7 unique classes. Summer enrollment opens on March 20th and Berkeley People & Culture offers sponsored tuition to eligible employees for Berkeley Extension courses.

Wisdom Café Wednesday Featured Outcomes from Process Improvements

Measuring Your Data

One of the Six Sigma practices for data collection is to see the cause and effect of how your data sets impact future actions. For example, if you are looking to implement a new intake process (involving collecting data such as student information, client needs, etc.) determine how the data you collect will be used to forecast future approaches toward serving these populations, and what the data guides you to invest in for yourselves.

Empowering Employees to Be Quality Producers

While supervisors oversee teams and general operations, it empowers employees to apply training, guidance, and discretion to move operations forth. Individual contributors bring insights directly from colleagues, students, and clients that may not rise to their supervisor. When supervisors entrust their employees to make some decisions without much oversight, this signifies an org’s effectiveness.

Growing by Leading Projects

Like when we update our resume with job experiences, take a moment to reflect on the teams that you have been a part of, and what your transition was like from contributor to a leader. This is likely a gradual progression as project leaders are regarded for their past contributions to a team and are appointed for project completion and their ability to inspire. Through inspiration, we find those who can lead our organizations through changes and process improvements.

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