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Hi everyone, hope you have all had a good break over the holiday season and got onto some good fish while you were at it. We had a good break and now getting the boats ready for our wonderful customers to come up to one of the best fishing spots in Oz. Thanks again to Terri from Tackleworld Weipa for his very helpful fishing reports. I have included a couple of recent ones. Some excellent fishing tips in his reports. If you are coming to Weipa this year you can get all your gear at Weipa Tackleworld, and make sure you say G'day to Terri while there.
Available Dates
We have had a couple of prime dates become available:
14th April and 5th May.
If either of these interest you or any of your mates be sure to contact us as soon as you can.
  The 2015 Barra season is now open, but let me remind you to release all the big females, think of the future no one likes to see the breeders destroyed.The minimum size is 58cm, and the maximum is 120cm. There is a bag limit of 5 per person at any one time, this limit includes all Barra in your possession. So if you have 2 Barra at home you can only take another 3 legally, but remember fresh is best.
  A good tip for storing Fish, always 
make sure you put a fish down as soon as possible. Cutting their throat,causes stress and is not the best way of getting the best quality in their flesh. Many years ago the meat industry found that brain killing beef, more humane, first before cutting their throat improved the quality and texture of the meat. The same goes for Fish, learning the ways of brain killing fish can be found on the Internet, it reducing stress if done before you bleed them, will improve their flavour and texture. Another thing you can do to keep the quality of fish is to make sure you fillet fish as soon as possible. The bacteria behind fish scales and on their bones can affect the quality and taste, and I'm not just talking about Barra. We are very lucky on the Cape having a fishery of such quality, and quantity, but we have to work hard to keep it in this pristine condition, and that means all of us.  
  Javelin fish (Spotted Grunter) is another species about in good numbers. They have a minimum size of 40cm, and a bag limit of 10 whole fish or 20 fillets with a minimum length of 26cm. They are being caught around Evans Landing, Gonbung, Big Bridge (both sides), Red Beach, and up at Cullen Point. Best bait is fresh Herring or Prawn, very hard to find, but the old frozen Prawn and Squid seem to be a very close second. Tides can make a difference, maybe the incoming would be my pick, but if they are hungry they will take a well presented bait at any time. A dropper rig is the most favoured, as you don't catch as many vermin, 3/0 to 5/0 Wide Gape or Octopus Circle hooks the most used, and go as light as you can with sinkers. 
  With the weather calming down you should get a few windows to get out and chase some of the Pelagics, like Mackerel and Tuna, or the bottom feeders, say Fingermark or Tuskies. I believe they will be some quality fishing up and down the coast with a bit of effort put in. 
  Some people have all the luck, John Ludbrooke while visiting his son David in Weipa, picked this 120cm Barra, it was released in good health, and a Black Jew while fishing at Big Bridge. I don't think I have ever bettered that score, go Johnno, another great fisho from Townsville. 
In all my years I have never had a photo sent to me of such an ancient amphibian. I was very surprised as well as these crustaceans are seldom seen let alone caught. It's a Decorator Crab, this particular one I don't know its particular species, have heard it called a Long Horn Decorator Crab, but they come from the Majoidea Superfamily. You can imagine the look on Bob and Jasmine Simpsons face when they found this one attached to Jasmines line, not knowing what the hell is was, and looked a bit alien. Decorator Crabs have this interesting habit of attaching other aquatic creatures to themselves to hide from predators, and like all Crabs they change their shells and start the decorations all over again. Very unique capture, should be a great topic around the Simpson family table for many a year. The other photo is of Geoff and a Giant Trevally caught off the beach at the mouth of the Pine River. Now trying to get a Trevally of this size to the beach is a an accomplishment in itself as they don't take kindly to being forced into shallow water. 

Anglers tips

Check out Scotty from "The Hook and the Cook" on his youtube channel for some excellent fishing and cooking tips, like How to Catch Queenfish on Lures. "The Hook and the Cook" has been airing on Channel 7 Two on Sundays. This is a great fishing and cooking show shot in many beautiful spots around the country.  

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