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We are now well into our 2015 season with several groups having been and gone, with everyone having got onto some decent fish. We had a couple nights on one of the boats ourselves recently, and the girls did well bringing in these Tuska which were promptly baked up for our lunch, and they were delicious!
As many of you know our daughter Tilly I couldn’t help adding her to our newsletter, as she has recently shaved for Leukaemia Foundation Worlds Greatest Shave. She raised $6500 and of course we are very proud of her. A big thanks to any of you who made donations, she was very overwhelmed by all the support. It’s not too late to donate either,        
if you would like to make a donation.
And now back to the fishing! One of our recent crews, they got onto some great fish as their photos show. We hope they will be back next year for another crack.
Thanks again to Terri from Weipa Tackleworld for providing the information below. Very useful for anyone planning a trip up here.

Barra, size limit: 58cm min. 120cm max. with a bag limit of 5. For some reason are schooling up many of the rivers and creeks. Anglers are experiencing double and triple hook-ups when luring snags and gutters. Mainly smaller using hard bodies and soft plastics around 65-90mm. Popular lures like Gold Bombers and Reidy’s B52’s are still accounting for some of the Legal size fish but those Rat Barra are certainly a lot of fun especially when caught by the kids. If you don’t have ready access to a boat, try Rocky Point or The Mission River Bridge on an incoming tide, early morning or late afternoon best.

Black Jew, size limit: 75cm East coast and 60cm in the Gulf, bag limit of 2. Being caught in and around Evans Landing, fish over a metre are common but heavy tackle is required. Squid is proving the best bait after live Herring, caught while you waiting for a bite using Herring jigs on the spot.

Cobia, size limit: 75cm min. You can land a few if you fish from outside the Channel, coaxing some to feed in shallower water, the Shark seem to like the deeper stuff. Cobia will willingly take most lures, hard or soft bodied even metal, or Pillies on ganged hooks, which can attract those toothy blighters. When cooking Cobia, it’s a bit like Tuna it has to be cooked on a medium to hot plate, flour it and Saute in Sage and Brown Butter, and for a really great breakfast bake an egg in Avocado and serve with the Cobia, very impressive and yum.

Tuskfish are plentiful in our waters,size limit: 30cm minimum and 6 combined bag limit for all Tuskfish species per person, with fish 5kg plus being caught using a variety of baits from fish fillets, Squid, Crabs, and fresh  Prawns. They mainly inhabit shallow reefs and rocky shoals from one metre to 20 metres. Handline are the most common form of fishing for them but quality rods, 24kg, and reels, with 15kg of drag, are starting to take over. Probably a safer way of fishing for Tuskies because of their ability to bury you and their powerful runs that have caused many a line burn on many an angler. Heard a good saying about how you can tell a good Tuskie handline fisherman, he still has all his fingers!
Another handy video from Scotty of "Hook and the Cook".
You can view his other videos on youtube, he has a great selection of fishing and cooking tips and ideas.
Scotty also offers a fully guided service on our house boats, so if this sounds like something that would interest you there is availability in 2016. This would be ideal for individuals or small groups who cannot get a larger group together or would prefer a more guided experience. Trips are limited though so you need to get in early. If this sounds like you, let us know and we will put you in contact .
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