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The Classic Car Fund offers an investment not correlated to financial markets, low volatility, consistently the best performing asset class and monthly liquidity.   

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from the fund team
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Corrado Lopresto

world famous car collector and multiple winner of Pebble Beach and Villa d'Este Concours d'Elegance 

presented his 1948 Isotta Fraschini 8C Monterosa Cabriolet Boneschi as a world premiere on the 24th November 2016 in Zurich at the car stable.
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Still missing a xmas present? Get a unique portrait with your classic car. Here you can see Giorgio Schoen with his Ferrari and Shiro Kosaka with his Alfa Romeo Tz2 Pininfarina. Special rate mentioning the classic car fund. Click on the image to get on the homepage.
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MILANO, University Bocconi                      ZURICH, 10 year anniversary Custoza                                                            family office and 4 year anniversary
                                                 of the classic car fund
MIAMI, Global Private Wealth Forum                    HAMBURG, Chamber of Commerce
 NEW ORLEANS, Private COLLECTION                          MIAMI, Walt Grace
BASEL, Premier Zagato Collection
Some of these Super Cars are at the disposal of investors


Dividend 1.5% per year

No Minimum investment for 2016
Soft lock up period of 1 year to the P Class (2% management fee and 20% performance fee high water mark)
Soft lock up period of 2 years 
to the I Class (1.5% management fee and 15% performance fee high water mark) 

monthly liquidity

Performance as of end of September 2016

Class P -3% YTD
since inception 18.16%
(fact sheet click here)

Class I -2.5%
since inception 18.45%
(fact sheet click here)

The funds cars are accessible to investors on a discretionary basis and a whole world of elegance and raw driving is opened up!

Off market car bulletin

A recent addition to the fund newsletter offer will be our subscription information update. This service is offered free. It will update subscribers on the superb cars the fund is offered but unable to commit to taking, hence giving the reader a chance to invest in unique "off the market" finds and share in their own slice of the investment and fun of owning a classic.
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Following a 3 year successful track record the fund had been added to the Morningstar database.
The Morningstar ID ( Tickers ) for the fund are as follows: 
The Classic Car P EUR Acc (VCP282281150) - F00000W7F8
The Classic Car I EUR Acc (VCP282281077) - F00000W7F7

Start your investment, with just a click, choose from the tab below  

Subscription Form for Private Clients Class P
Subscription Form for Private Clients Class I
Subscription Form for Institutional Clients Class P
Subscription Form for Institutional Clients Class I

If you require a cash injection but don't wish to part with your car, the fund offers "subscription in kind" with your vehicle. Yielding, for example, 50% in cash and 50% in shares of the fund (dependent on pedigree of car), with the right to buy back after a limited period of time at a pre-established price.
There is also the option of caring for your own car in your own garage and driving it on our limited mileage car package. Who can better care for the car than the former owner.

If you wish to build up your own classic car collection, we can assist you in this. Individuals are guided through the process of owning a car from the acquisition, storage, insurance, maintenance of the vehicle right up to eventual sale. The fund has a proven track record and can act independently with no conflict of interest.
Straton Watch Co. is an automotive inspired watch brand creating watches and driving accessories for those with a passion for speed. 

The Classic Car Fund, a passion investment - designed

with the enthusiast in mind, to diversify any investors portfolio.

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