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I recently wrote an article for a Magazine about ‘Being comfortable in one’s skin’. The article is not published yet, so I will reserve the name of the Magazine and I won’t share its content now – or else this could be the last time I heard from the Magazine!

Much as it is nice for a Mentor or Coach to offer advice from some higher place of authority or wisdom, it is always prudent for one to reflect on the advice that one offers to others – and to also continuously draw lessons and inspiration from it. This belief helped me to keep my cool when a few days ago I received a call I was dreading to receive.

You see - A few weeks earlier I had couriered a bible-thick worth of information to one of the SETAs, as my company was in the process of being registered to become an Accredited Training Provider for four programs. The call I was dreading to receive was one from the SETA requesting yet another bulk of information – and unfortunately that dreaded call did arrive!

When the call arrived my initial reaction was to instantly grow horns and scales all around me and to put up a wall of defence. The voice in my head was: ‘You’ve done your part! What now?’ As I was going through what was becoming a very uncomfortable conversation, I immediately remembered the contents of the advice contained in my ‘Being comfortable in one’s skin’ article.  

The result? The result of this prompt reflection was complete calm and a cordial and respectful conversation. Much as I was dreading this call I was now full of acceptance of the situation, and I was ready to accept the situation ‘as is’. The resistance melted away and annoyance gave way to cooperation. An hour after the call I had mustered the courage and forwarded the ‘remaining’ information. I was left with a great sense of accomplishment - knowing that I had finally gone through the last hurdle! (This was confirmed by an email that later followed from the SETA).

I know there are those who just hate these SETA accreditation processes – but that’s a discussion for another day!

Lessons: 1) The advice you give to others is advice for yourself too – use it! 2) Sometimes just accepting the situation in whatever form it is, could go a long way towards helping one move forward. 3) Sometimes the calls we dread could become the calls we really needed!
So, what call are you dreading? Don’t wait for it – in fact, perhaps be the one to make the call…

PS. There was a call I did not dread! One that our company will soon be coaching Employees, Management and Executives of a big SA company over a two-year period.
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