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Who is responsible for the ingredients in your pot?
Isn’t it amazing how so often we rely on other people for our own happiness, self-belief, self-esteem, joy, and good vibe; and unfortunately at times, even self-love?

What ingredients are to be found in your pot of the value, meaning and role of others in your life? Whom have you allowed to place the ingredients in that pot?

You see, depending on whom we have allowed to put the ingredients in our pot, often when they abandon us, our supply of those ingredients go down, living us severely undernourished. For example, if Tom provides you the ingredients of your self-belief menu, when Tom abandons you, your self-belief takes a dip. If Mavis supplies the ingredients of your sense-of-joy-and-good vibe menu, the day she abandons you, your life takes sorrowful turn!

What if you took responsibility for filling your own ingredients in your pot of the value, meaning and role of others in your life? What if you were responsible for cooking and serving your own self-belief, joy and good vibe? It would not matter when Tom or Mary abandoned you.

It is time to resolve that the next moment you get abandoned, you will seize the moment and embrace yourself. Or better still, resolve not to wait for your next cycle of abandonment, and rather learn now how to fill and what to put in your pot of the value, meaning and role of others in your life? That way the pot will always be full. It will never run empty when you get abandoned.

At Potential Exponents, not only do we help you keep the pot full, we also help you place the right ingredients in the pot.

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Shoni Khangala – Certified Inner Life Skills Master Coach
Founder and CEO: Potential Exponents
Speaker, Certified ILS Life and Business Master Coach and Management Consultant
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