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The Power of Silence

A Coachee with whom I have a coaching commitment for the entire 2015 recently summed it up so nicely when she said: "I am so noisy when I am silent!".

Silence not only provides us an opportunity to think, to plan and to reflect; it also allows us an opportunity to listen to both the outer world and the world within. So often we interrupt others whilst they are talking, and prefer to hear our own voices, instead of listening to other people's point of view. In fact, in most cases we hardly listen with full attention. So often we cannot wait until the next person stops talking, so we could begin our own lyrics.

Try this exercise for the next 21 days: Catch yourself interrupting; not listening attentively; or rushing to make your own viewpoint. Also catch yourself listening attentively with full commitment, being patient and not rushing to express your own point of view. Most importantly; catch yourself being silent - in complete silence, even during conversations, and feeling relaxed about it!

It's OK to be silent. There is power in silence. Resist the urge to always be the one to break the silence.

Check out and see how at Potential Exponents we celebrate The Power of Silence. Shoni Khangala will soon be sharing his truly empowering encounter with two hearing impaired people - those to whom silence has been imposed upon by natural forces!

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