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Rescuing Nature's Bounty for the Benefit of Our Community
Happy Citrus Season from GleanSLO!

The GleanSLO Vision

Through the act of harvesting and sharing food, we connect and nourish our community to build stronger relationships and a deeper appreciation for our food
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Saturday Templeton
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Hearst Castle
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Island Farms
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The Plakias Family
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Talley Farms
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The Becker Family
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Robin Song Farms
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An Abundance of Backyard Citrus!

SLO County is overflowing with lemons, tangerines and oranges.

Here's a real testament to the abundance of our county: in 2016 alone, gleanSLO has harvested over 6,000 lbs of backyard citrus from our neighbors around San Luis Obispo county. Keep a watch on our harvest calendar for lots of volunteer opportunities. You can also still sign up for our harvest leader training coming up on February 13th by emailing our volunteer coordinator Emily Wilson at!

Welcome to the Glean team Margaux!

A Little Bit About Our New GleanSLO Program Coordinator Margaux Inman

Margaux grew up in Paris and moved to San Luis Obispo in 1998. She studied Biology and Environmental Sciences at UC Santa Cruz, spending her free time biking around town and guerrilla gleaning the public fruit trees of Santa Cruz. Since finishing school, she has spent most of her time traveling and volunteering, leading her to discover a passion for working in non-profit organizations. She recently decided to bring this passion back to the central coast to give back to the community where she grew up. When you don't see her out in the field, you might catch Margaux hiking or biking around town, building or fixing things, spending time outside, hanging out with animals, or learning about plants.

Beyond OJ and Lemonade- How to Handle the Citrus Situation

What to do with all those oranges(and lemons and limes) after you've had your fill of juice.

After you've contacted your friendly local gleaning group *cough cough*, you're still left with a load of oranges on your hands. Now what? Here's a few recipes you can use to solve your citrus problems, until next year that is..


Lemon Bars and more Lemon Bars(a lighter, healthier version of the classic) to use up a few of those lemons.


Crispy Orange Tofu will take care of a couple oranges you have lying around.


Key Lime Pie! (I promise I won't tell anyone that those aren't actually key limes you're using)

Who IS this Emily Wilson?

Volunteer Coordinator and AmeriCorps Member Emily Wilson answers a few questions from GleanSLO co-founder Carolyn Eicher.

C: Please share your name, a few sentences about you, your background.
 My name is Emily Wilson and I'm an AmeriCorps member placed with gleanSLO as the volunteer coordinator. I've been in SLO for the last two and a half years after getting my bachelors degree in art and sociology at Florida State in 2013. Upon moving to California, I found a love for working with my hands, living in a small town, eating quality local foods, and connecting people with the foods we eat. 

C: When and how did you first hear about gleanSLO?
E: I heard about gleanSLO when I first moved to SLO- I went online looking for volunteer opportunities as a way to get to know the community and I thought gleaning sounded like something that I might enjoy. Turns out I was right- I've volunteered ever since then and in August of 2015 I joined the gleanSLO team as the volunteer coordinator.

C: What inspires you to be involved and give back to the community?
E: What inspires me to be involved with gleanSLO is the idea that I can give back to my community by doing something that I really enjoy; I don't believe in martyrdom and I always say that if you aren't enjoying yourself, you shouldn't be doing it. I have a compulsive desire to waste as little as possible, and gleanSLO satisfies that desire in a way that others in our community can benefit. On top of that, through gleanSLO, I've met countless community members, formed lasting, meaningful relationships, and been able to work outside with my hands in some of the most beautiful areas in our count(r)y.

C:Do you have any ideas for us about the future of GleanSLO and the vision for a healthy community? How do you see GleanSLO making a difference locally?
E: I see gleaning not just as a way to make use of otherwise wasted food, but as a great educational tool and a powerful community cultivator. Gleaning in our ever-abundant county, people are able get in touch with the land and see how so much of the foods we eat are grown. Beyond that, I see gleanSLO as a great bonding experience- volunteers, farmers, growers, homeowners, students and community members are all able to connect through gleaning. In a world where so many people live their whole lives without ever seeing where these things actually come from, and where we often find ourselves isolated from our fellow community members, I find these to be invaluable experiences.

C:Can you share with us a favorite fruit or veggie recipe? Or a resource of where you might find inspiration for cooking or heathy eating?
E: One of my favorite fruit recipes/projects is a japanese-style persimmon preservation(Hoshigaki). Hachiya persimmons are peeled when hard, strung up from their stems using twine, and left to dry(massaged daily (in theory)) for a couple months. The persimmons go from fragile and unbearably astringent to perfectly sweet, tender, and travel-ready over the course of a couple months. I also find the preservation process to be an easy way to spend time with people you love.


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