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2014 Newsletter, Issue 1

First Issue: Welcome from Steve Semelsberger, Founding Partner

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Alder Growth Partners helps technology-centric companies of all sizes get bigger.
The Importance of Purpose for Growth
Helping employees connect authentically with organizational purpose is key for engagement and revenue growth. Here's why and how you do it.
The Rule of Three for New Sales Initiatives
Thinking that deploying one or two folks is the right way to test product-market fit and begin revenue? Think again.
Going Small in Acquisitions
As emerging companies start to ponder first acquisitions, they can be tempted to go big. We advise otherwise.
Announcing Joust Investment
Joust is an innovative and addictive social competition platform that is changing the way people participate in major events like the X Games.
AGP Surpasses 20 Clients Served in 2014
Via advisory, capital and consulting services, Alder Growth Partners helps companies of all sizes get bigger. In 2014, we've served an amazing collection of startups, emerging companies and large institutions.
Brewbot: Beautiful Homemade Beer
With a gorgeous reclaimed wood and steel exterior, and super smart mobile controls, Brewbot has the potential to become "the Tesla of home brewing."
Plan Versus Vision Pitches to VCs
How a venture capitalist evaluates pitches for companies at different stages of progress, traction and fund raising. (Source: Xconomy)
Roundup from Techstars Austin Demo Day
11 inspired companies including Experiment Engine, NMRKT, SmartHost and Pivot Freight wowed a packed room of investors. (Source: Venture Beat)
Tech M&A Sans Bankers
More and more often, technology acquisitions are happening without investment bankers. Here's the why and how. (Source: New York Times)
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