Commodore – Steve Benenson


It’s been a honor to serve as your Commodore during the past year in this most unusual year.  It was my goal coming in to always do what’s best for the club and its members, and I believe we’ve tried to do that.  

While I’ll leave most of my comments for the Annual Meeting this Saturday (3 pm), I want to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to my fellow board members who did their best to serve your interests and to continue making our sailing club a place we all cherish.  

Our membership, finances, racing, equipment, sailing education programs, and infrastructure, among many other things, are strong.  Highlights for improvements this year, thanks to so many volunteers who have given their time and expertise, include the clubhouse galley, the bathroom complex, the new website and security upgrades.  

Please take a look at the committee reports below and I look forward to seeing you at the club soon.

Vice Commodore – Race – Anderson Jones



State Fair Regatta 

4 Fleets

26 FS 8 CF1 6 Snipes 6 Butterfly’s 

46 Boats


Maurice Martin Trophy

Club Champs – Butterfly Boat – Paul Miller (set up)

Griffin Orr 1 (three peat)

Paul Miller 2

Gene Saltero 3

Forest Atkins 4

Bill Wilson 5



New US Sailing Rules 


Starting and finishing: You now start when any portion of the boat’s hull crosses the starting line, and finish when any part of the hull crosses the finish line. Under the old rules, you crossed the line when any part of the boat or crew crossed the line.

The finish line is now between a BLUE flag and the finish mark; under the old rules it was an orange flag.

If the RC sees that a boat does not sail the course correctly (most commonly for us this would be a boat not sailing around the offset mark) you can score the boat as NSC (did not sail the course) without a hearing. Under the old rules you had to file a protest to have the boat disqualified.


As of now we are planning on racing a full calendar year.

Tack Room

Green Tetrahedron Mark 

Looking into a scoring system for PRO’s and ERC’s 

Membership Report – Renee Comen


Membership at CSC continues to be strong.  At this time CSC has 369 member families; 233 Regular, 126 Associate, 1 Student, and 9 Honorary.  Of these 83 are new members.  These numbers are down slightly from last year, with most of the reduction occurring at the associate level.  This is understandable given the pandemic and the forced reduction in enrollment of both our junior and adult classes.

The membership committee was busy, giving tours of the club, cleaning up the rosters and gate codes.

Our goals for next year are to continue the club tours to prospective members, host new member happy hours to acclimate new members to the club, and work with the davit registrar to assist in the sale or removal of boats that are not being used at our club per our bylaws.

Many of our new members are actively seeking davits and/or boats to purchase. If you are not using your boat or davit, this is a great time to sell or lease.

Sailing Education Report – Ellen and Graham Bryant


    Summer Camps:

Four sessions were held in June and July. The staff did an outstanding job!  Due to covid issues we had to reschedule the sessions and move them back one week as well as implement numerous safety measures. Feedback from parents regarding safety and covid protocols was outstanding. Special thanks to Greta Mittman, Rachel Mittman and Cullen Bryant for their work to make camp a success.


Greta Mittman, Camp Coordinator

Head Coaches: Cullen Bryant & Rachel Mittman 

Assistant Coaches: Killian Baker, Isaac Barkley, Cole Broberg, Evan Daane, Matthew Romack


Camp Session 1 NOW June 8 - 19 (Two Week Session)
A - 9:00 to 2: 00 - General Camp - 8 years and up, all abilities $295.          17 Campers
B - 3:00 to 6:00 -Teen Camp - ages 13-18 all abilities $175.          12 Campers

Camp Session 2 NOW June 22 - July 3 (Two Week Session)
A - 9:00 to 2:00 - General Camp - 8 years and up, all abilities $295.                      12 Campers
B - 3:00 to 6:00 - Race Camp for sailors interested in racing (8 years and up) $175.  9 Campers

Camp Session 3 (No Change to these dates) July 13 - 24 (Two Week Session) 
9:00- 2:00 - General Camp - 8 years and up, all abilities $295.           16 Campers

Covid/Rescheduling Response: We ended up issuing refunds to 3 families who could not attend. Other families had to cut down to one week or modify registration to make it work.  Other changes: Zoom Orientations, Facebook Live Awards Ceremonies & Demonstrations (worth keeping in place even in the future). Kudos to Renee Comen for coordinating on new members and getting them processed so quickly, which allowed us to include many new families.


Rock the Rock Junior Regatta:

Rock the Rock Junior Regatta was held at CSC on Saturday, Sept. 12th

  • Rock the Rock 2020 was a huge success, as one of only six events held in TX for 2020.

  • With modifications this year for Covid precautions, we were able to create a safe and fun one-day event.  

  • 63 juniors competed representing: Austin Yacht Club, Fort Worth Boat Club, Grapevine Sailing Club, Lakewood Yacht Club, Oklahoma City Boat Club, Rush Creek Yacht Club and Viridian Sailing Center. 

  • Best of all, 18 juniors represented CSC this year!


Huge thank you to Steve Comen, Regatta PRO and John Weston, GreenFleet PRO! 

We also thank the following volunteers that helped make this event possible:

Mandy & Forest Atkins, Steve Benenson, Dawn & Gardiner Cleaves, Renee Comen, Allyn Fincher (FWBC), Sherrie Galaway, Bob Gough, Heidi Gough, Nichole Grant, David Hoye (RCYC), Red Dog Jones, Mark Mihm, Greta Mittman, Rachel Mittman, Lynn Pinegar (OCBC), Alex Porter (RCYC), Jeff Progelhoff (RCYC), Frank Richards, David Schnetzer, Jeff Swearingen (GSC), Michael & Jeanette Younger (RWBC) and Ann Willis.



Rock the Rock Regatta/CSC September 12th

  • 420s: Liz Cleaves/Elliot McEachern (1st), Owen Johnson /Reid Johnson (3rd)

  • Laser 4.7: Nelson Webb
    Laser Radial: Otto Beal
    Optimist Green Fleet:
    Ward Beasley, Hunter Beasley, Hedda Beck, Charles Boyd, William Boyd, Luca Dassanayake, Austin Oldreive, Raphael Reagins, Reagan Schnetzer, Joben Singh, 

Aoife Taylor & Finn Willis


Jr. Old Man of the Sea Regatta/Ft. Worth Boat Club on June 20-21st 

  • Cullen Bryant – 1st Place - Laser Full

  • Aubin Hattendorf – 9th Place - Laser Radial

  • Liz Cleaves – Opti RWB (attended – no races conducted due to weather issues)

  • Ozzie Young – Opti Green 13th

  • Winnie Young – Opti Green 10th


Pirates of the Corinthian/Dallas Corinthian Yacht Club on October 10-11th 

  • Liz Cleaves – Laser 4.7 4th place


Chocopalooza/Rush Creek Yacht Club on November 14-15th 

  • Liz Cleaves – Laser 4.7 12th place

  1. Adult Sailing

Adult Sailing changed their traditional format to address covid issues and ended up conducting two sessions in June – Each session had 8 Students taught 1 to 1 over 3 sessions and we charged $50. Both sessions had a cancellation for weather and make-ups coincided with the Fleet 23 Beer Can Races which was a great way to finish the classes! Observations:

  • The one-to one coach/student format with 3 lessons was very well received – recommend keeping this for next year.  If we hold these sessions in May and June could allow for 32 students.

  • We had a waitlist of 11 plus others who inquired, numerous requests for list of private coaches.

  • It is a struggle to recruit/coordinate volunteers for each session with work and other commitments. The Junior coaches were a huge asset but overlap with day camps = 12-hour days.

  • Consider paying all coaches next year $20 per hour for their time/gas/use of boat and consider raising price to $120/person (from $50) to break even.


A huge thanks to Tom Miller for coordinating this program and to the volunteers who assisted:

Forest Atkins, Mark Babb, Steve Comen, Burt Gilson, Anderson Jones, Red Dog Jones, Bowman O’Connor, Griffin Orr, Volkan Otugen and Junior coaches: Cullen Bryant, Rachel Mittman and Isaac Barkley


Diana Kao and Katie Bayless lead this program in 2020.  They did a terrific job in a challenging year. They had to cancel the first session of WOW sailing due to weather conditions but still got together for socially distanced socializing. Between covid and the weather, they had to offer a shorter schedule and the fee was cut to $25 to reflect that. They created a new email: to assist with communication. We appreciate all the planning/re-planning they have done to make this program happen!


  • THANK YOU again for the RIB Coach Boat – it has gotten a lot of great use both in our camps and at several TSA Regattas.

  • Equipment – a laser trailer was purchased for the junior program and several hulls were replaced, in addition to normal maintenance and repairs.

  • The Juniors Program received the following donations in memory of Pete Seymour:

    • Mike Krasner - $50

    • Megan Doren - $50

    • Tom Hoolan - $100

    • John Konstanzer - $50

    • Cynthia Ford & John Abrams - $100

    • John Montgomery - $100

    • James Mattingly - $100

A thank you note has been sent to each of these members. These donations will be used towards the junior program and are greatly appreciated.


We are still offering gaiters to our membership for $10 each! Will be selling them starting with the Sunday races until we sell out.


All proceeds go towards the education programs for CSC.

Entertainment Report – Greta Mittman

CSC’s 2020 Entertainment events were greatly impacted by COVID-19 pandemic.  The 2020 annual business meeting was held at Maggiano’s Little Italy at NorthPark.  All other CSC social events, such as First Fridays and 4th of July were cancelled.

Entertainment provided snacks and drinks for the Commodore’s Cup, State Fair Regatta and Club Championship.  

Any member that purchased the 2020 Entertainment Annual Pass will receive a 2021 Entertainment Annual Pass.

Treasurer – Eric Reisdorf


For 2020, the Corinthian Sailing Club began the year with an adjusted bank balance of $205,574. This balance was adjusted downward from $225,039 due to $19,465 of expenses that belonged in 2019.

The Board began the year with a balanced budget, intending to deliver $4550 of net income.

During 2020, the Board voted to undertake two significant Pier projects that increased total expenditures beyond the budgeted level but will serve as long-lasting investments in the sailing club facilities.

As a result, the Net Income was $115,449 unfavorable vs. Budget, and there was a corresponding decrease in our bank balance. For further detail:

Income Statement

  • Revenue of $228,363 was $23,173 unfavorable vs. Budget; however, Membership Dues (74% of Budget revenue) were $15,570 favorable.

    • Membership Dues = $205,570 

    • Sailing Education = $21,012

    • Social = $770; this category was the most impacted by COVID-19

  • Total Expenses of $340,945 was $88,795 unfavorable vs. Budget. 

    • Pier = $217,576 vs. Budget of $85,000

    • Equipment and IT together were $25,444 vs. Budget of $18,500

    • These negative variances represent investments into CSC that addressed known issues and that will benefit the members of the sailing club for years to come.

    • The net income (income minus expenses) for Social was $15,267 favorable vs Budget due to the limited activity in 2020.

    • The net income for Sailing Education was $8,641 unfavorable vs. Budget due to slightly lower revenues and higher equipment investments.


Bank balance:

  • As of 12/31/2020, the final bank balance was $94,675.

Pier – Mark Mihm


Background: The 2020 Pier budget was initially set at $85,000.  After the shutdown of organized CSC activities because of COVID precautions, the 2020 Board of Directors approved doubling the Pier budget to accomplish complicated reconstruction of deteriorated CSC infrastructure and facilities during this downtime.  Pier Committees were formed for major projects like the new galley and bathroom complex.  These committees were invaluable in forming consensus and vision to move concepts to reality.  Pier work proceeded full speed for much of the year.


Right from the start, there was an emergency that required immediate attention and an unforeseen use of $8,000:

HOLDING TANK: Sometime during the early March flood, a large log floated east like a torpedo and hit the sewage holding tank at the restrooms.  The pipe connections were broken loose and we attempted to remove the tank for repairs.  The tank broke apart in pieces and was a total loss.  Constructed of rigid PVC sheets material glued together to form a box, it had become brittle over the 20 years it served us.  A new custom tank was constructed by Leatherwood Plastics in Lewisville.    Leatherwood Plastics constructs custom tanks like this and the tanks are leak tested and have a 1-year warranty.  The material is 3/8” thick black HDPE with internal bracing and baffles and weighs over 600 pounds. This material is more rugged than PVC and should last us a long while if we can protect it against future log impacts.  To that end, a robust support cage was built of 3” angle iron.  The new tank has an additional gravity flow connection to serve as a future holding tank when we switch over to a grinder pump station.

New Holding Tank Being Installed – Tough Physical Work!



Over five hundred rotted walkway pier boards were replaced around the club including:

  • The entire walkway between Board Pads 1-33 and Davits where the Butterfly, Sunfish, the five new Snipe davits and Davits 176-200.

  • Wide walkway between Davits 1-16 and the Laser Pad area; 50% replacement.

  • Entire walkway ramp to the Main Clubhouse and select deck boards on the perimeter of the Main Clubhouse

  • The Opti dock area needed select deck board replacement

  • The entire Junior Pavilion deck area inside the North Gate.


MAIN CLUBHOUSE: The interior of the main clubhouse was pressure washed from the top skylight to the bottom and years of dirt and grime melted off the walls.


Multiple exterior repairs were done such as:

  • The exterior was pressure washed to remove grime, mold, and algae.

  • A new fiberglass exterior door and frame was hung for the exterior NW closet.

  • Replaced and painted broken Hardi-board planks and rotted windowsills on all sides.

  • Repaired stairways and repainted them.

  • Exterior painting was touched up including the upper deck railing.



The old wooden galley cabinets had reached the end of their useful life, were falling apart, and were very difficult to clean mud from after lake flooding events.  A Galley Committee was formed with key members Bowman O’Conner, Audrey Duffell, and Renee Comen.  Together, they space planned the key features the new galley needed to serve large CSC social events. We worked with a fabricator to layout a custom-built using thick commercial grade 316L stainless steel with longer and deeper countertops.  Features include three integrated rolling

serving tables with shelves, doors, and heavy duty locking casters that park in recessed garages, an integrated deep bowl double sink and faucet, sturdy rolling double drawer cabinet, and heavy duty triple upper cabinet.  Stainless steel wainscoting panels were installed on the wooden siding below the countertops to aid in cleanliness.  The new galley should serve CSC well for decades to come.


New CSC Galley:  Note Stainless Steel Wainscoting where the Refrigerator Sits


NORTH GATE AND BRIDGE: The North Gate was falling apart, the piers were rotted, and the north access bridge was too narrow to move Opti boats and Lasers through the double gate. The entire area was dismantled and the walkway bridge removed to access the area for new support pilings and decking.  We were planning to reuse the sidewalls of the gate entrance, however, the upper and lower plates were termite eaten and the wall planks were dry rotted. These components were replaced with painted tongue and groove cedar siding to match the other walls and painted gray on both sides.  Coated metal roofing panels were installed over the gate that extends to the south to cover the new gas locker area to provide better rain protection at the gate with a gutter system.  The gas locker area was completely replaced and sheltered from the weather.

North Deck Construction and Relocated Pavilion by North Gate

New Wider Bridge to Allow Movement of Lasers and Opti’s Through the Double Gate.

Sheltered Gas Locker Area

Inside view of North Gate and Decking


New North Bridge lines up perfectly with the gate to make it easy to move boats in and out from the expanded north pier area.  The new gate entrance look very sharp with the tongue and groove walls lined up and the original Corinthian Sailing Club sign in place over the gate. The Junior Pavilion was re-roofed with blue metal and the structure was reinforced with perimeter bracing.  The building was relocated 30 feet to the west to open up a large deck area for sail folding and visitor boat parking for future regattas, sailing camps, and social events.

Completed North Gate and Wide Bridge


South Gate Emergency Security Enhancement Modifications

The club was broken into by vandals that climbed around the south gate.  Modifications to the South Gate were made to improve security.  An extension wall was constructed on the north side with tight pickets to prevent finger holds to climb around.  Decking boards were trimmed off on the south side to remove toe holds used to climb around.  Steel bollards were added to prevent vehicles from driving onto the south gate bridge.


CSC BATHROOM COMMITTEE: A group of interested members were teamed together to form a

Bathroom Committee to develop layout ideas for a replacement bathroom complex and tack room area on the north-south walkway.  The existing bathrooms were deficient in terms of space and function and the entry doors swinging into the narrow walkway were a hazard. There was no handicap access and there was little room to change clothes.  The Bathroom Committee included Graham Bryant, Alexander Goldberg, Anderson Jones, Jennifer Judkins, and Tom Miller.  The committee included several architects and interesting layouts were developed and drawn up by Graham Bryant for Board discussions.  The Bathroom and Tack Room Project was approved by the 2020 Board as an advanced Pier project for 2021 since club activities are still curtailed for social events and there was an opportunity to undertake this difficult construction project in the winter months to be completed for the start of the 2021 sailing season.

The bathrooms will have a showers with hot water and air conditioning.  The Women’s restroom will have three large toilet stalls, a shower with private changing area, and sink.  The Men’s restroom will have two large toilet stalls, two urinals, a shower with private changing area, and sink.  In addition, a separate handicap-assessable restroom will be constructed on the south end of the building with an integrated wheelchair accessible ramp and will have a toilet, sink, and fold-down diaper changing station to also serve as a Family restroom and changing room.

The bathrooms will have a wider integrated plumbing chase passage and the attached mechanical room will provide ease of maintenance and a secure location for the water heater and HVAC mini-split system that will cool the bathrooms in the hot summer.  The new holding tank will be repositioned for improved collection and pump-out connection.

The new Tack Room that was built in 2019 was preserved and expanded.  The tack area will include an area for Race, Maintenance, and Entertainment.

This major improvement project will be completed in early spring 2021.


Equipment – Tom Miller


This year has been quite a challenge for the equipment due to the COVID virus causing a period of inactivity with boats. All four boats have been separately taken and completely serviced. At times these boats were off the lake for over a month at a time each. Chase 3 is still having work done it (cracked head and 3 holes repaired in the hull) and is almost completed. All 4 boats will have new decals put on this year (already ordered) and some more glass repaired. The committee boat will go in for motor maintenance and a steering issue in late January. I will continue with the routine maintenance, battery replacement as needed and radio service. Again, if anything is found to be broken please let me know so we can get it repaired.

Technology Report - Griffin Orr


CSC went live with a new website this spring, replacing an aging and increasingly difficult to use legacy  page. This new site gives our public image a fresh face, improves navigation (especially on mobile de vices) and allows for our technology team to much more easily add or modify content. This effort was  spearheaded by Peter and Adrienne Petrik of Skvare LLC. Their time, generosity, and expertise cannot be  understated in this endeavors success. Additional thanks go to Frank Richards, who has maintained our  old site for many years and was key in ensuring that all new features functioned in the best possible way  for our members. Lastly, thanks to our website committee members, Frank Richards (Lead), Steve Brock ett, Steve Comen, Porter Fuqua, Tim Ponter, Greta Mittman, Michael Mittman, and Griffin Orr. We have  also migrated most of our technology controls to cPANEL, allowing us to manage nearly all aspects of our  web presence ourselves in a self service tool. This includes DNS entries, mail forwarding, and FTP set- tings for the weather station images.  


As many of you are probably aware, we did have several security issues this year. To combat this, we  have installed a new 4K security camera system around the club. This new system is designed to help  deter and potentially identify any intruders. 

Weather Station 

This year, the weather station PC was replaced as the old unit was becoming unstable and repeatably  failing. The new unit is an intel micro pc, with solid state storage, passive cooling and no moving parts.  The operating system has been upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 10. Ambient weather was also  upgraded to the latest version. Huge thanks to Jim O’connor for all his hard work on this upgrade!!  

Club Network 

This was a big year for our club networking infrastructure. 1500’ of new CAT6 ethernet was run to all  corners of the club last winter / spring. This is to replace old and deteriorating cable and to enable new  services such as wifi and the security cameras. New outdoor rated switches and access points have also  added to the network. At present, wifi extends to the entire club except the VIP which is still intermit tent. I do expect this issue to be resolved over the winter.  

Next Year 

2021 is going to be another big year for the CSC Technology Area. Tentative projects and plans are as fol lows: 

• Finish the network buildout, including fixing issues on the VIP wifi.  

• Replace current harbor camera with a YouTube live stream (Potential for additional webcams) • Add wireless screen share capability to clubhouse TV 

• Potential replacement of weather station hardware (Not to be confused with the PC that was re placed last year) 

• Replace security gate code system


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