Lawrence Park Tennis Club Between the Lines: July 1st- Red & White Day; Strawberry Social; Court 3 reminders
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Lawrence Park Tennis Club 
"Between the Lines"
June 27, 2015

In this edition of "Between the Lines:"
  • Canada Day - Celebrate in Style
  • Wimbledon Strawberry Social & Round Robin - July 5th
  • Court 3 Booking Reminders


In honour of Canada's birthday, we are inviting members to come to the club wearing red & white for one day only, Wednesday, July 1st. This will be a great day for just playing--there are no organized activities (Early Birds and Summer Camp are taking the day off), and the courts are open for tag up/court 3 booking all day, so come on down and celebrate Canada's 148th birthday in style. Whether you choose to stick with our traditional all white attire, or sport red and white on court, please remember the following:
  • proper tennis attire/footwear only 
  • red and white or all white only 
So, come "show your true colours" (as long as they're red and/or white) and join your fellow members in honouring our great country. There is no rain date for this "colourful" event.

This is a first at the club so we welcome your feedback. Perhaps a new tradition will be born.
JULY 5th
The pros may not play at Wimbledon on the middle Sunday of the tournament, but LPTC members will play (weather permitting)! Come join us on Sunday, July 5th from 2 - 5 pm for a round robin and a taste of England. Strawberries and cream, cake, scones, and tea will be served along with fun on the courts. In order to know how much food to buy, we are asking members to please sign up by end of day July 3rd on the sheet in the clubhouse right near the "strawberry poster." There is no rain date for this event.


Our court 3 reservation system is unique and so far this year has been a huge hit. However, there are still some issues we need to remind members about to ensure it is used fairly and in the spirit it was intended. Here are some key things to remember:
  • Court 3 may only be booked 6 days in advance (counting includes the current day). As an example, if today is Monday, you may only book up to the following Sunday. If you book beyond the 6 day limit, your name will be erased. To make it easier, we have inserted some dividers into the reservation binder to indicate how far in advance you can book.
  • If you book court 3 but find you can no longer use it, please erase your name or call the club and ask our Court Monitor, or whomever answers, to take your name off so that other members may use that time.
  • No double booking -- members playing together cannot book two court times in a row using different names in each of those two hours.
  • If you are booking a lesson on court 3, no more than 4 players are permitted.
  • Guest fees ($5/guest) must be deposited in the fee box before going onto the court. 
If you have any questions regarding the reservation system, ask Tony, our Courts Monitor, or any member of the Board and we'll be happy to help.


Our Sunday afternoon Tea & Tennis Program is proving to be a success with a fun round robin and light refreshments being "served up" every Sunday from 2-4 pm. Led by Puica Nitu, this program provides an opportunity to socialize with fellow members and meet new potential tennis partners with a spot of tea and snacks between games. And, we're happy to see many volunteers offering to help out--whether it's bringing food or running the round robin, members are stepping up to make this program a success. Thanks to the three people who helped out last Sunday: Carole Ambrose for ensuring the Round Robin ran smoothly and the tea was hot, Adam Hawkins for his creative Round Robin board, and Sayuri Yonekawa for bringing some treats. If you would like to help out in some way (running the round robin, bringing food, preparing/cleaning up, making tea, etc.) please contact Puica at Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

And, don't forget that this Sunday, June 28th, members of the Board will be in the clubhouse during Tea and Tennis to answer questions, hear suggestions/concerns, etc. rain or shine. See you there.
We welcome feedback and suggestions from our members to help improve the Club and enhance member experience. For those who don't know, we have "Compliments, Suggestions, Concerns" forms located in the clubhouse in the plastic holder on the side table. They can be deposited into the Guest Fee box for forwarding to the Board. We will highlight questions / comments and responses in our newsletters. You do not need to include your name, but it's helpful in case we need to clarify your suggestion / comment. You may also email comments to:

Here is a suggestion/question recently submitted:
Question: Why can't we have a hopper of balls available for members to use (e.g. for service practice)?

We understand members are keen to practise their game and work on all their strokes, but providing members with a hopper of balls to hit/serve with, presents a few issues we need to consider. First,
when members hit through a hopper of balls, whether by serve, volley practice, etc., potentially 25-35 balls can wind up on all 3 courts. Flying balls from another court disrupt games and more importantly, present a hazard as balls may easily wind up underfoot of players on adjacent courts. When hitting through a basket of balls, it is difficult to keep track of where they all go and very dangerous for those on other courts who might step on a ball causing serious foot, ankle/foot injuries. Second, one member taking a court by him/herself (e.g. to practise serving), is not a good utilization of court time. After careful consideration of the suggestion, we have decided that only our tennis instructors may use the ball hoppers during lessons.

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