Lawrence Park Tennis Club Between the Lines: Our AGM is Coming--Be Prepared
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Lawrence Park Tennis Club 
"Between the Lines"
September 5, 2015

In this edition of "Between the Lines:"
  • Getting Ready for our AGM
  • Next After Dinner Doubles: September 9th
  • Sprinkler Maintenance Update


Read Our Revised Bylaw/Constitution
LPTC is run by a Board of volunteers, but governed by our Bylaw (also called our Constitution).  The importance of this document cannot be overstated--it contains our Club's governing principles and key values and must comply with any legislative changes under the new Ontario Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act which is expected to come into force in 2016. In order to bring our Bylaw into compliance with the new legislation and ensure it properly reflects how we want our Club to run, we agreed at the last AGM to form a volunteer Constitution Committee.

The Committee membership was 50% general membership and 50% Board members and they went though an intensive process. They reviewed the new Act, looked at the Ontario draft or model bylaw, consulted with people involved in City policy, Tennis Toronto and the OTA, reviewed draft OTA documents, looked at the bylaws of a number of other tennis and sporting clubs and solicited input from LPTC members through the website and newsletter. Multiple drafts went back and forth to the Board and a member with a legal background contributed his perspective.

Finally, a special Constitutional Open Forum was held last Sunday where members were invited to review the updated Bylaw and the key changes being proposed. Molly Greenwood, as Chair of the Committee, with assistance from Bob Milnes, led the session which was attended by over 20 members who asked good questions and made practical suggestions which will be brought to the next Board meeting.

As promised, we have now posted the revised Constitution and a summary of the key changes on our website which you can read by clicking on the "Read our Revised Bylaw/Constitution" button above or below. We encourage all members to review it because it will be presented at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on October 24th, for member approval. Members have until September 14th to propose any amendments to the Bylaw or provide any additional motions regarding the Bylaw or any other new business. Any submissions must be made in writing to our Club Secretary, Caroline Gray at 

In preparation for the AGM, by September 19th we will be posting several additional documents for your review on our website, including the Notice of Meeting/Agenda, the 2014 AGM minutes, and the 2014 and year-to-date 2015 Financial Statements. For the first time we will be issuing Proxies for those members who cannot attend the AGM. Every member entitled to vote will receive along with the Notice of Meeting/Agenda, a personalized Proxy in the mail which we encourage you to use if you cannot attend the AGM in person, so your voice can be heard.  An overview describing the Proxy process will also be provided.

Voting at our AGM is both a right and a privilege so we encourage you to read, ask questions and come prepared. If you have any questions, please direct them to Caroline or any member of the Board.
Read our Revised Bylaw/Constitution
Calling all those who are enjoying our newest round robin--After Dinner Doubles. The next one will be held Wednesday, September 9th from 7 - 9 pm. With tournaments starting next week, this could be your chance to find the tennis partner of your dreams just in time to sign up for a doubles event.  This is our last planned After Dinner Doubles until we know our court needs for the upcoming tournaments. Once our tournament logistics are worked out for September, we will look at court availability and advise members of any additional After Dinner Doubles in September. 
In response to member concerns about puddling on the courts and mounds of dirt forming around the sprinklers, with Board approval, Aquatech was brought in last week to address these problems. At their recommendation, four sprinklers were moved from mid-court very close to the net post, and these sprinkler heads are now above ground to prevent blocking and sticking with clay. The risk of tripping on a mid-court sprinkler has been removed, and the surrounding craters filled. For 2016, the Board will consider moving the remaining 10 sprinklers to the fence and raising them half an inch above ground similar to the sprinklers now at the net. This can be done during Spring maintenance before the Club opens for the season, so tennis will not be impeded. Placing sprinklers at the net and the fence will create less craters, avoid them from sticking with clay and will remove the need for covers that can get in the way.

Looking long term, it might be worthwhile changing the underground pipes from 3 quarters of an inch to 1 inch to allow the sprinklers to reach fully across a court. Currently, some parts of the court are reached by no sprinklers or only one sprinkler instead of 2 or 3. Even with improved sprinklers however, watering by sprinkler is not as even as by hose. In the spring, hoses and connections with increased capacity were installed at each court. Members and staff can now evenly water a single court in 10 minutes while the other 2 courts are in play. If you have any questions or suggestions, please send them to me at

John Richardson, Courts Chair
We welcome feedback and suggestions from our members to help improve the Club and enhance member experience. For those who don't know, we have "Compliments, Suggestions, Concerns" forms located in the clubhouse in the plastic holder on the side table. They can be deposited into the Guest Fee box for forwarding to the Board. We will highlight questions / comments and responses in our newsletters. You do not need to include your name, but it's helpful in case we need to clarify your suggestion / comment. You may also email comments to:

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