Lawrence Park Tennis Club Between the Lines: Welcome to the 2015 Tennis Season
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Lawrence Park Tennis Club 
"Between the Lines"
April 19, 2015

Welcome to the 2015 tennis season at Lawrence Park Tennis Club...It seemed like the cold winter weather would never leave (snow in April!), but we will soon be able to start laying and rolling the clay, putting the lines down, and getting the nets up so the courts are ready for opening day—May 2nd. Even though the courts are not yet ready for play, a lot has been happening over the past six months as the Board along with several volunteers, have been planning, organizing and implementing programs and activities. To ensure members stay informed, we have sent out several newsletters (“Between the Lines”) with key information you need to know including dates, deadlines, contacts, registration information where required, etc. and will continue to do so all summer to keep you informed. All past newsletters are posted on the website. Read on to see what has been done, what is already underway and what is coming soon.


Membership Stats

We’re pleased to report an excellent Adult/Intermediate renewal rate of 88.2% allowing many old friendships and on-court rivalries to continue.  To our 39 new members, thank you for joining our club--get ready for a wide variety of programs both social and competitive, where you will meet our friendly members and enjoy our beautiful clay courts. Even after welcoming our new members, interest in joining LPTC remains high with over 200 still on the wait list. It’s nice to be wanted. To our returning members, please be on the lookout for new members and ask if you can help show them the ropes e.g. how to use the tagging board, how to open/close the club facilities, or offer to hit with them if they do not know anyone else at LPTC. Remember we were all new members at one time; extending a helping hand (or a racquet) will be appreciated and you may even wind up with a new hitting partner.

New Junior Program Director

We welcome Tim Dalton to the LPTC Board as the new Junior Program Director. This position has been vacant for several months so everyone is pleased that Tim has agreed to join us and contribute to this important role. He will be assisted by Cal Reaume, Andrew Sulkowski, and Aurelia Zvan on a junior advisory committee, and will be looking for other parents to join them and help the junior program grow. As parents of Junior Members they bring lots of energy and ideas to the table, and have a vested interest in the program's success. If you have any questions or suggestions you may contact Tim at, but beware...he'll probably ask you to help!

New Code of Conduct

One of our first priorities this year was to revamp and update the Club’s Code of Conduct. We strive for a respectful and safe environment both on and off the court, so that all members and guests can use and enjoy the club’s facilities to the fullest extent. To reinforce these values, we have extended the Code of Conduct beyond members to include visitors, guests, and tennis professionals, have specified what is not acceptable behaviour, and included a formal Complaint/Incident Reporting Process. It is all of our responsibility to read and abide by the Code and ensure any guests do so as well.  

On-Court Updates

Through the past six months, your Board has received several suggestions and inquiries regarding a variety of programs.  We have considered each one in the context of the program itself as well as in the context of the broader membership and provide you with the following updates for 2015:
  • 7 am Start Time--As announced in an earlier newsletter, we have secured a 7 am start time again this summer after submitting a detailed request to the City to re-consider their earlier decision that all tennis courts must wait until 8 am to open. This is indeed good news for our die-hard early risers.
  • Court Sweeping and Watering--In order to keep our courts in the best shape possible, every weekday and Saturday, courts will be swept at 7 am and swept and watered each afternoon (see schedule on the website and Directory). In the hot summer, as the courts dry out, the dust flies and members have requested that watering be done every afternoon and we agree. Please vacate the courts when so requested by our Court Monitor, Tony. 
  • Expanded House League--In response to the overwhelming popularity of House League year after year, we are exploring how strong an interest there is in adding an additional hour every Monday night in order to increase capacity and accommodate all those members who are eager to play. We are currently analyzing the responses provided during registration, and will update you once a decision is made.
  • No Early Bird Play on Statutory Holidays--Members who cannot normally play during the week due to work commitments, have asked if the Early Bird program members could forgo playing on statutory holidays this year to allow free tag up time from 8  – 10 am on those days. After careful consideration, the Board has agreed that this change would benefit all members, so that there will be no Early Bird organized play on May 18th, July 1st, August 3rd, September 7th, or October 12th.
  • Adult Clinics Expanded to “Stroke of the Month” & Free--For those members who always want to learn and improve their games, we are expanding our usual May tune-up clinics to have one each month. Clinics will be offered free of charge by the Club, will have a maximum 6 players per court, and will require pre-registration. Our head pro, Joe Novak, and his team will provide on-court instruction. Dates are still to be confirmed (watch the website for updates).
  • Monthly Dinners--Everyone loves good food and, when paired with social round robins, we have a winning Saturday night combination. Look for these social events on June 13th, July 18th, and August 22nd.  
  • LPTC is Tweeting--Ever wonder if the courts are dry enough to play after a rainy day/evening? Well now you can find out by checking our website (look on the bottom left on any web page--"Tweets from the courts") and you can follow us at @lptc_courts. We will try to capture and post any late breaking news via Twitter, and, of course, you can still always call the Club at 416 483-2276.
Opening Day is just around the corner—weather permitting we will officially open the courts on May 2nd. We know it won’t rain, but just in case, the rain date is May 3rd. Come re-acquaint yourself with old friends and tennis partners and meet our new members for an afternoon of fun, food, and tennis. There will be an organized round robin run by our Games Chair, Cecelia Thng, a BBQ, and prizes. No registration needed, all events are free. Here is the planned schedule of events:
  • 9 am – 12 pm:  Juniors’ Opening activities
  • 12 – 1 pm:  Court sweeping and watering (no play)
  • 12 – 1 pm: New Members’ Orientation (learn the ropes, meet the Board and the Court Monitor, and ask any questions you may have). For those new members who are not be familiar with clay--please wear only "clay court tennis shoes" which have a shallow, smooth pattern like herring bone and rounded edges; no jogging shoes.
  • 1 – 4 pm:  Round robin and BBQ (vegetarian burgers included)
  • 4 pm on:   Free play—tag up


We need you... our club is bustling with 300+ adult and intermediate members and up to 100 junior members. There is a lot going on and each and every one of the programs we participate in and the facilities we enjoy, are looked after by volunteers. In short, we depend on our members. By putting your hand up to pitch in, whether as team captain, court roller, round robin organizer, or helping with our social events, you'll contribute to a successful 2015 season and, as an added bonus, get to meet and work with some great people who care deeply about our club. You can make a difference this summer ....

Court rollers are needed now to help get the courts ready for our May 2nd opening. All court rollers will be invited to a tennis and pizza thank you party on a date TBD before Opening Day. If you are interested in helping, please contact our Courts Chair, John Richardson, at  Phone: 416-929-0192.


We know you have ideas, concerns, suggestions, so please share them with us. We commit to consider any idea, question, concern submitted, and to reply to the member who submitted it. As you read above under “On-Court Updates”, several of our changes this year came about as a result of member suggestions. A number of members were very disappointed with the City’s decision to move all clubs to an 8 am start time and told us so. So we petitioned the City and, for 2015, we have our 7 am start time back again. Members who can’t play during the week asked for consideration on statutory holidays starting at 8 am when Early Birds normally play. Given Early Birds play every weekday morning right through the season, this seemed like a reasonable request so we’ll try it. A few members suggested it was unfair that anyone participating in organized activities like round robins or team practices should also be able to tag up either immediately before or after that program when other members are waiting to play. We agree, and have added a new tagging rule to the Directory and website asking program participants to forgo time slots immediately before and after their program so other members waiting to play may access the courts first. And finally House League—every year we have many more applicants than we can accommodate on our teams so a member asked whether we could add an extra hour of play so more members could join in. We don’t know yet if there’s enough interest, but we have asked and will determine, along with the House League co-ordinator and captains, if it is practical to have an additional 6 pm start time. To those members who took the time to submit ideas and questions, thank you. 

With over 300 members in our club, we know there are some great ideas and suggestions out there that we'd like to hear about. If you have a "bright idea" for something new, or something that would enhance the membership experience, contact us at:

This Newsletter

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If you have information you think should be shared with our members, please contact our Communications Chair at to share your ideas.

Thanks for reading.

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Membership: Margot Willoughby
Junior Programs: Tim Dalton 
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Courts: John Richardson
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