Lawrence Park Tennis Club Between the Lines: *Constitutional Open Forum Aug. 30th,* Thai Dinner--Another Great Social
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Lawrence Park Tennis Club 
"Between the Lines"
August 28, 2015

In this edition of "Between the Lines:"
  • Constitutional Open Forum - This Sunday August 30th
  • Thai Dinner--Another Great Evening
  • On the Courts Reminder--Tournament Sign-up and After Dinner Doubles 


As agreed at last year's Annual General Meeting (``AGM`), a Committee, led by Molly Greenwood, has been conducting a full review of our existing Constitution (which is made up of our Bylaws and our Letters Patent). Molly, along with Caroline Gray and Puica Nitu have researched and revised portions of the Constitution with two key goals in mind. First, looking at sections that needed updating, clarification, or re-writing to ensure that the Constitution provides a clear, transparent basis for effective governance of the Club. Second, ensuring the new Constitution is compliant with the new Ontario Not-for-Profit Corporations Act which governs organizations like LPTC.

Club member Bob Milnes has reviewed the resulting document multiple times, and made many helpful changes in guiding the Committee through the legislation. The Board has also reviewed and approved the revisions, which will be presented to members for your endorsement at our Annual General Meeting on October 24th. Copies of the new Constitution/Bylaws will be posted on our website within 24 hours of this meeting for closer review and a few hard copies will be posted for reading in the clubhouse.

Because this is such an important document, we want to provide members with a preview of the key changes at a special Open Forum meeting this Sunday August 30th in the clubhouse from 2 – 4 pm during Tea and Tennis. Members of the Constitution Review Committee and Board members will be there to provide a summary of the key changes. Please note that given the importance of our Constitution, this Open Forum will focus strictly on that topic.

Why is this an important meeting? Our Board and our Club are governed by the Constitution/Bylaws, so this is an opportunity to review, consider. and understand the key changes being proposed. Members have until September 14th to propose amendments or motions in writing in advance of the AGM. We welcome your participation in the process – so come listen, discuss, and ask questions. See you on the 30th.


Wow!!!  Have we been lucky this summer........or what??? For our 3rd and final monthly social of the season, we were blessed with another beautiful summer's evening. Our Thai Dinner and after dinner sing-along was another huge success, attracting almost 70 members and their guests. We think we "nailed it" when we chose Mengrai Thai restaurant to cater the event. The dishes were absolutely scrumptious, and many people commented that it was the best Thai food they had ever tasted. Adrian Baldeo took charge of the 50/50 draw and collected exactly $100 from many participants. Congratulations to Sam Soriano who walked away with $50 more dollars in his pocket when his lucky ticket was drawn, while the other $50 was used to offset costs. 

Following dinner, we were again entertained by guitarist and vocalist, Anita Acevedo, who led us in another sing-along, as she did at our Italian dinner social back in June. We all loved hearing her exquisite voice again, as she led us through some golden oldies. Many people commented how good it felt, and how much fun it was to sing.  

As always, volunteers are the key to making these events run so we would like to thank the many people who helped make the evening a success. Thanks to Stuart Cameron and Anna Caton for helping with clean-up and set-up earlier in the day. Thanks to Anna and Ellen Peers for helping to serve food. Thanks to Myra Mandel for distributing name tags to everyone, and to Adrian for handling the 50/50 draw. And finally thanks to those who helped with cleanup at the end of the evening including Margot Willoughby, Myra, Anna, Ellen, Adrian, Saul Organ and Shumin Lee.

We welcome member feedback about all our events and about the Club in general. We think the following message received after our Thai dinner says it all:

"Hello Anita and Board Members. Many thanks from my wife and I for a most enjoyable evening at the Club on Saturday. The food was great as was the wonderful entertainment. A great opportunity to see old friends. I am not sure if everyone appreciates how much work goes into preparing for such an event along with all the effort and management provided during the event itself. I know it is considerable. Please also extend our thanks to your colleagues who helped. The Club continues to thrive. Cheers."
Des Layland
Anita & Nellie


Our tournament sign-ups have started. As mentioned in the last newsletter, September is our traditional "tournament month" and we're hoping to have a good turnout in each event. Sign-up for all categories (Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles) is already available online using our Tournament Registration Form.The Singles' sign-up sheets are also now available in the clubhouse for sign-up no later than September 6th at 6:00 pm.

And just a reminder about our next After Dinner Doubles which will be held September 9th from 7 - 9 pm.
On August 9th we held our second Open Forum with the Board to exchange ideas and suggestions and answer any member questions. Three key suggestions/themes arose from that meeting:
  1. Court Utilization - A number of comments related to how we use our courts: should court times be shortened, should more or less activities be planned, should our more skilled juniors have access to open play time? All good questions which will be addressed in conjunction with our recent Members' Court Utilization Survey. We are in the process of tabulating the results of our survey which allowed all members to give feedback and indicate when and how they use court time now and how they would like to use it in future. A full report will be available at the AGM. Because we are so late in the season, any changes resulting from the survey and member suggestions will be implemented for the 2016 season.
  2. Score Keepers - A few requests have been made by members for score keepers which can be mounted on the net posts to allow players to keep track of their match scores. We have found (and cleaned and re-assembled!) our existing ones -- they are located under the table below the First Aid Kit for use during matches if players want to use them.
  3. Sprinklers/Court Conditions - Several members have indicated that courts tend to have puddles forming after heavy rain and sprinkling. In particular, sprinkler heads which are under covers seem to have pooling around them. Our Courts Director, John Richardson, took immediate action on this and called Aquatech in this past Tuesday. The sprinklers between the courts have now been moved closer to the net posts so they can be raised without creating potential tripping issues. By raising the sprinkler heads, we reduce the likelihood of grit getting into them which could cause them to jam, impede rotation and/or water effectively. They will also now be easier to clean. We are looking at re-locating the other sprinkler heads next spring to ensure they function better and keep the courts in great condition. More to come on this topic.
We look forward to member comments and suggestions, so if you have something to say, please email:

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