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Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue 3   |  1.15.15

December's online MC session was a hit!


On December 17, teachers Jared Sutton and Jason James presented Setting Expectations and Giving Feedback in Mastery Classrooms, the topic chosen by popular demand from MC members. Jared and Jason presented the mastery system they use in their math and science classes at Carroll Gardens School for Innovation (aka CGSI, MS 442). They then led a discussion about using mastery to set clear expectations and generate useful feedback cycles for students.

Jason, who teaches science to middle schoolers at CGSI, reported, "Mastery-based feedback has taken the fear of assessment away from students. They now see it [assessment] as an opportunity to know where they are in my class."
Jason also noted that the school's mastery framework encourages teachers to build in multiple opportunities for students to show mastery. "(Students) have knowledge that they can try again. It’s not: ‘We didn’t learn it, we are moving on.' It’s: 'We didn’t learn it, now we have another chance!'"
On the value of formative assessment within CGSI's mastery grading system, Jared reflected, "The work each day is based on previous assessments, so that instruction and tasks are responsive to student’s level of competency."


You can access the CGSI presentation here, and a recording of the entire online session here.

Upcoming Events

January's Online Session

When: Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 4:00-5:00 PM
What: Conversation with Christy Kingham, The Young Woman's Leadership School of Astoria (TYWLS)
Topic: Providing Multiple Attempts to Show Mastery Over Time

Our January Mastery Collaborative Online meeting will be co-facilitated by Christy Kingham of The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria. Christy has been using mastery in her classroom for more than six years, and has a wealth of knowledge about competencies and outcomes. Her website, Christy's Classroom, is an incredible resource that includes a breakdown of the system at TYWLS, as well as rubrics and curriculum.

Sign up for what is bound to be a rich and useful discussion.

February Mastery Collaborative LIVE Event

When: Wednesday, February 25th, 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Where: TBD - location will be finalized soon!
Topic:  Platforms and Tools that Support Mastery-Based Grading featuring Ed Tech Partners from JumpRope, Haiku, ItsLearning, MasteryConnect, Schoology, and more. 

PROSE Application

We suggest that all Mastery Collaborative schools consider applying for the PROSE program. Established as part of the new contract between the UFT, CSA and the DOE, PROSE enables schools to implement innovative practices outside of existing rules, which include personalization and mastery. 12 Mastery Collaborative schools are already in the PROSE program.
January 22 - PROSE 3rd Planning Evening
Thus far, 122 participants have registered for the 3rd Evening Planning Session, which will be held at the Urban Assembly School for Green Careers. Workshops offered during this planning evening will focus on defining the Theory of Change (TOC) as it relates to the PROSE application and explains how a strong TOC can support program implementation and research. Schools that choose to attend this part of the session will develop their own TOCs, identify key outcomes, and articulate the structures and processes necessary to achieve them. Schools will also have free planning time to work with school teams and consult with PROSE/Central staff. Register Now.
 February 6 - PROSE Mid-Year Symposium
How do we monitor and measure the changes we want?  During the Mid-Year Symposium, current PROSE schools (only) will deepen their understanding of the ways  in which they monitor the changes they want for their schools through PROSE, as well as reflect on the work they have been engaged in.  Schools will have the opportunity to share their PROSE implementations and engage with peers around promising practices.  Register Now.
Here is the application info:
Click above to COMPLETE the 2015 - 2016 PROSE application. An annotated version of the application can also be accessed on the PROSE Knowledge Base prior to your completion.  Hurry!!! Applications are due February 27th.  Schools that submit the application by February 2nd will receive direct feedback from the PROSE Panel and have an opportunity to resubmit.

Please note that current PROSE schools do not have to reapply.


Save these Dates!

Upcoming online and in person Mastery Collaborative meetings


Monthly online sessions:

 March 11, 2015 - TBD - ONLINE SESSION

April 15, 2015 - TBD - ONLINE SESSION

May 20, 2015 - TBD - ONLINE SESSION

Quarterly in person sessions:

February 25, 2015 - Platforms and Tools that Support Mastery-Based Tracking (featuring tech partners) – IN PERSON SESSION - Location TBD

June 3, 2015 - Structures for mastery resource share - IN PERSON SESSION

Mastery Collaborative Schools

Here is a list of the members of the Mastery Collaborative working group. Participating schools complete a Mastery Inventory form, and agree to share resources such as frameworks, templates, and exemplar competency maps, rubrics, and assignments. Please contact us or fill out the Mastery Collaborative Sign-Up Form if you or others at your school are interested in joining our working group!

Academy of Innovative Technology
Academy for Software Engineering
Bronx Academy for Software Engineering
Bronx Arena High School
Bronx Compass High School
Bronx International High School
Brooklyn International High School
Carroll Gardens School for Innovation
City-As School
Community Health Academy
Curtis High School
East Bronx Academy for the Future
EPIC High School North
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The Facing History High School
Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School
Frederick Douglas Academy VII
Hillcrest High School
Hudson High School for Learning Technologies
The James Baldwin School
Laboratory School of Finance Technology
Manhattan International High School
Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice
New Design High School
New Directions Secondary School
North Queens Community High School
NYC Lab High School for Collaborative Studies
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Olympus Academy
Pan American International HS at Monroe
Quest to Learn
Satellite Academy
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The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria
Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction

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Chris Sturgis, Competency Works
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Chris Sturgis, Competency Works
Chris Sturgis, Competency Works
Chris Sturgis, Competency Works
Chris Sturgis, Competency Works

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