NYC Mastery Collaborative Newsletter: April 2015
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Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue 6   |  4.21.15

Mastery with a Master: Bronx International HS's System Explained

The March MC online session featured Luincys Fernandez of Bronx International High School (BXIHS). Luincys led a thorough and detailed presentation about her school's outcomes-based grading system.
With nine years of experience using mastery-based grading, Luincys is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teachers of mastery-learning in New York City. She leads trainings for
BXIHS staff to calibrate and redefine how the learning and grading structures work.

Luincys explained that teachers at BXIHS write outcomes that fall within three distinct categories: content, skills, and language acquisition. (All students enter the school as ELLs and recent immigrants, so language acquisition is a big focus at this high school.)
Outcomes are aligned with the Common Core Learning Standards, NY State Learning Standards, as well as the Depths of Knowledge Levels. Teachers continually plan together to ensure that outcomes are measurable and are expressed in student-friendly language--and that students have multiple opportunities to move from Not Yet Proficient, to Proficient, to Highly Proficient on each individual outcome.

This grading system touches each element of Luincys' classroom. She shared examples, artifacts, and images to demonstrate how each outcome is defined and assessed. Luincys concluded her presentation by leading participants through her system of conferencing and re-submitting work.

You can access Luincys's presentation here, and a recording of the entire online session here. To learn more about Bronx International HS, read Chris Sturgis's CompetencyWorks post from last December, which begins: "Inspiring. I know no other word to describe the students and staff at Bronx International High School (BxIHS)."


Upcoming Events

April's Online Session

When: Wednesday, April 22 4-5 pm (tomorrow!)
Presenter: Madelaine Hackett of Urban Assembly Maker Academy
Topic: Design Thinking: Developing a Mastery System for a Year One School

After a sneak preview last week, we are so excited for tomorrow's session! Madelaine will share UA Maker's mastery-based grade-tracking system, and the
 cycle of defining, designing, and developing that has led to it. Her presentation includes lots of visuals, including many amazing custom-created open-source tools and resources. You might want to steal and tweak some for your school (with attribution to UA Maker, this is totally legit)! In short: This session is a must-see.

Sign up for what is bound to be a rich and useful discussion.

Announcing our first interest-driven working group:
Mastery in Math classrooms.

Math teachers: Join our First Working Group

By popular demand, our first interest-driven working group this spring will focus on math and mastery. We hope to meet twice before the end of the school year to talk shop and share competency and outcome maps, and compare assessments, rubrics, and alignments to standards. Per session may be available for MC members who participate.

Are you in? Please sign up here. Please share this with other mastery-oriented math teachers who may be interested in joining.

Next school year, the MC hopes to start working groups for other disciplines and topics. ELA? Social Studies? Science? Badging? Middle School? If you have an idea for a working group please let us know at Thanks!

Stay tuned for an announcement about the future of the Mastery Collaborative!

Forwarding Contest Winner!

Special shout-out to East Bronx Academy for the Future for being the Mastery Collaborative school with the most opens of our March newsletter!

Administrators, feel free to forward these newsletters to your staff. Teachers, forward it to interested colleagues and friends you believe could benefit from these resources. Our group thrives on activity, connections, and resource sharing.


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Please stay tuned for exciting news about our plans for next year!

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