NYC Mastery Collaborative Newsletter: March 2015
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NYC Mastery Collaborative Monthly
Newsletter: Vol. 1 Issue 5   |  2.26.15

Creating Our Dream Platform for Mastery Grading

On February 25th at DCTV, representatives from 20 Mastery Collaborative schools, administrators from the NYC Department of Education, and vendor specialists from 7 educational technology tools came together to collaborate. The event was the first of its kind, and centered around an activity where heterogeneously mixed groups simultaneously created a list of their 'must have' and 'nice-to-have' features and functionality for a mastery-based grading system.

The second round of the activity featured a merger of each smaller group with a neighboring group. Participants consolidated and synthesized their collective 'dream platform' features to a growing list. After the third and final round, our community had created an shared understanding of the most vital elements of a mastery grading tracker or tool. Check out our
final list here!

The second part of our event featured 'Shark Tank'-style speed rounds in which vendors gave 5-minute info sessions about their own mastery-grading features and functions. Representatives from Haiku Learning, JumpRope, Schoology, MasteryConnect, Jupiter Ed, Datacation (Skedula), and itslearning gave demos and interacted with a series of small groups of MC member educators. The fast-paced conversations were enriched by themes from the earlier activity, as ideas about desired functionalities such as custom rubrics and weighting of assignments were fresh in everyone's minds. We had a great time listening in to the rich interactions--and only wish we had had time to capture more for future reference.


March Online Session Recap: BX International Explained!

On March 18th, science teacher and mastery innovator Luincys Fernandez led a group of MC members through the ins and outs of Bronx International High School's school-wide mastery grading systems. A true expert in the field, Luincys has eight years of experience teaching high school science curriculua through the use of transparent, discrete learning outcomes which track progress on sets of content, skills, and language acquisition. She eloquently explained how the grading system touches each element of her classroom, using examples, artifacts, and pictures to walk us through her daily activities and outcomes, rubrics, and her system of conferencing and re-submitting work. Luincys, thanks so much for providing such a valuable resource to the community. And everyone, If you haven't yet read the CompetencyWorks write-up of Bronx International published in December, it is a must read as well!

You can access the presentation here, and a recording of the entire online session here.

Upcoming Events

April's Online Session

When: Wednesday, April 15 2015, 4:00-5:00 PM
What: Overview of Mastery-Based Grading School: TBD

Topic: Mastery Assessment for Math classrooms

Our April Mastery Collaborative Online meeting will be co-facilitated by a wonderful member of our community. Please let us know if you would like to share your mastery practices with the group.

Sign up for what is bound to be a rich and useful discussion.

At and after the session, we'll invite "early adopter" MC math educators to join a discipline-specific math/mastery working group pilot, coming this spring to a borough near you.

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April 22, 2015 - Math & Mastery - ONLINE SESSION RSVP here

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June 3, 2015 - Mastery Resource Share - IN PERSON SESSION

Forwarding Contest!

Special shout-outs will be given to the schools with the most 'opens' of the March Newsletter. Administrators, feel free to forward to your entire staff! Teachers, forward it around to colleagues and friends you believe could benefit from these resources. Our group will flourish off activity, connections, and resource sharing.

Look out in the April Newsletter to see who the most active consumers and collaborators are in the Mastery Collaborative! There may even be a showcase on the winner(s)!

Mastery Collaborative Schools

Here is a list of members of the Mastery Collaborative working group. Participating schools complete a Mastery Inventory form, and agree to share resources such as frameworks, templates, exemplar competency maps, rubrics, and assignments. Please contact us or fill out the Mastery Collaborative Sign-Up Form if you or others at your school are interested in joining our working group.

Academy of Innovative Technology
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Manhattan International High School
Nelson Mandela School for Social Justice
New Design High School
New Directions Secondary School
North Queens Community High School
NYC Lab High School for Collaborative Studies
NYC Lab Middle School for Collaborative Studies
Olympus Academy
Pan American International HS at Monroe
Quest to Learn
Satellite Academy
School of the Future
Urban Assembly Maker Academy
The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria
Urban Assembly School of Design and Construction

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Competency Works

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Chris Sturgis, Competency Works
Chris Sturgis, Competency Works
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Chris Sturgis, Competency Works
Chris Sturgis, Competency Works
Chris Sturgis, Competency Works
Chris Sturgis, Competency Works

Urban Assembly Maker Academy Case Study
Chris, Sturgis, Competency Works
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