MARCH 2016 at the SALON
Another Planet
presented by visiting filmmaker Ferenc Moldovânyi

This creative documentary, shot on four continents, presents the hidden face of our planet and the general and moral crisis of our world. We can follow the various, irrational stages of defense- lessness as the characters in all seven stories, all minors, accept their fate with quasi humility. The appalling everyday life of child labourers, child prostitutes and child soldiers is revealed to us in Congo, Cambodia and Ecuador. Tibor Máthé’s powerful imagery and Tibor Szemző’s magical music, create a dramatic juxtaposition.
Hungarian filmmaker Ferenc Moldoványi is the 2016 Visiting Documentary Filmmaker at Robert Morris University. His films are familiar to American viewers through the Sundance Channel, Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and professional film industry magazine Variety. Moldványi's work has been screened at over 160 film festivals in 50 countries. 
Friday, March 18
6:30p  Food & Social
7:00p  Screening & Discussion