Hello, September. You’re here!

Come be the sky to my little plane, the smooth, open road to some mad (if shaky) new skills. Come bring your last summer light and your warm afternoons, your first frosts and your Days of Awe. I’m ready enough, with the prayer and the beads, the unfolded clothes and the patched-up tires, the apologies and the wobbly ride, the brand-new beginnings. The take-off, the flight. :: Read More

This Fall: Write. Practice. Be good to yourself.
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* Mini Memoirs (3 spots left!)  
* New Two-Week Writing Groups   
* One-On-One Coaching
* The Living Room Group (in-person!)
* Self-Paced Writing Practice
* Jena's Books
* The Roar Sessions

"Writers, wanna-be writers, and people who just want to learn more about themselves: I'm in the midst of my second online writing group led by Jena, whose wisdom, kindness, knowing, talent, encouragement, and intelligence have helped me not only get back into a solid writing practice, but also have enabled me to find a depth in my work I never knew existed. I'm tremendously grateful -- and you will be, too, when you take one of her classes." - Leah Silverman
Take a look at some of the exceptional writers who've worked with Jena's prompts :: Read More

Two-Week Online Writing Groups
Transition: October 19-30
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"Y'all, participating in Jena's group has been such a fantastic experience. I'm writing more regularly than ever. I highly recommend it." - James Young
"These two weeks have been deeply meaningful to me, magical. I retired intending to write, and now for the first time I truly feel that I will keep at it." - Jeanne Argoff
"A few short months ago I was barely writing and moaning about that. Now, I'm writing almost every day. It's no infomercial, it's real! Jena creates and holds space and inspire like nobody's business, and I'm so grateful!" - Emily Armstrong Oberto
"This is something that is coming only from me, as a result of being totally and completely moved by this project on the very first day. Even if you're not a writer - Jena's writing groups are for you. Think of it as an exercise in self-reflection and processing. Writing is healing. Do it." - Katie DiBenedetto
"Her work is as confident, brazen even, in its universal vision and embrace as anything by Walt Whitman." - Eva Yaa Asantewaa
Mini Memoirs
September 25-October 16 
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(3 spots left!)

"I NEVER dreamed I could feel so connected to real people while participating in an online course but I do--it is amazing. You have such a gift, your writing plus being a magnet for good and striving souls. Good for you! Good for us. - Marsha Lee Recknagel
Self-Paced Writing Practice 
Start Anytime
"Jena's prompts and presence cut right to the core, compelling me to explore a single subject from various angles, triggering new memories, and giving me new perspective. Jena has a gift for being able to get at the heart of a person and her world, and with a gentle strength, coax her story onto the page." - Dina Relles
"Don't Miss This"
Did you know Jena has two self-published books? 
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You Already Know (YAK): Coaching Sessions 
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"Thank you for this sacred space you create. You've written before that you considered a career as a rabbi. And what you do here is rabbinic: you lead us, you encourage us, you teach us, you raise us up. There are not enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation." - Mimi Sager Yoskowitz
The Living Room Group
September 8-October 27 | Amherst, MA
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"I loved meeting people in person after writing together virtually. I think this is so important and deep and something we all seek: Connection. Real, meaningful connection. It made our time together effortless. Now, in the aftermath, there is a certain invisible glow that I know we all share and walk in. It’s wonderful. This is all due to you, you know :)." - Lisa Moskowitz Sadikman
"She reminds me that we’re all poets." - Karen Maezen Miller
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