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Highlighted Available Building or Building Site

Professional Services Office Building
And Warehouse Space

155 1st St. Winthrop, IA

Today’s internet technology enables a business professional to reach out to their customers from their office to a worldwide customer base.  The Winthrop Business Center can provide you with an affordable and professional setting in which to conduct business. Office spaces range in size from 108-300 sq. ft.  Rent a single office or a suite of offices. Warehouse space is available for leasing to support your business operations.  Amenities include broadband connection, use of a copier and a conference room.  You can also access a membership fitness center that is located in the business complex.
Contact Mike Wieland to discuss leasing options.  (319) 361-4125.


4th of July Festivals, County Fair & City Celebrations Abound!
Check Out the Upcoming Events


Aurora's Old Fashion 4th of July: Tractor Pull at 9:a.m., 1:00 parade, Kids games all day long, Bingo and live music by "Third Offense." And of course fireworks!

Independence 4th of July Extravaganza! Three days of fun and activities. Named by Yahoo Travel as one of America's top 7 4th of July Celebrations!  Music, games parades and lots of great food. .Click here to see the full schedule.

The Buchanan County Fair will be held July 8-11. In addition to viewing all the wonderful 4-H projects there will be carnival rides, demolition derby, games, great food, stock car races and a concert by country music star Joe Nichlols. Click here to see the full schedule.

Jesup Farmer's Day 100th Anniversary Celebration: A Century of Memories will be held July 9-11.  Music includes tributes to The Beatles and Elvis, carnival rides, water fights and games for all. Click here to see the full schedule.

Rowley Days: Our Happy Days!  July 17-19.  Tractor pulls, waterball fights, live music, car show, parade, kids games, bags tournament, good eating and much more! Click here to see the full schedule.

Brandon Days:  Decades of Rock and Roll!  August 7-8. Hillbilly Olympics, kids games, car cruise, parade, 5-K walk/run, music both nights and good food.   Click here to see the full schedule.


 Click here to see all Buchanan County Communities!

7 Ways to Track Your Social Media Marketing Activities
By Vince Chiofolo
Published June 30, 2015

Are you tracking your social media marketing results? Do you know where to find metrics to help you improve  Tracking social activity helps you attract a higher-quality following, communicate more effectively and provide content that resonates with your audience. In this article you’ll discover seven ways to track metrics and improve your social media marketing
#1: Discover Optimal Times to Post:  Use a tool like SumAll to track metrics such as what times of the day you get the most engagement and which content types work best for your social posts. As you gather these insights, start scheduling your posts at optimal times. Make other changes as well, such as a different content type or voice, to connect with and grow your audience.
#2: Examine the Reach of a Keyword on Twitter:  To track the reach of a specific keyword or hashtag on Twitter, use a tool like TweetReach. For example, if you’re running a campaign with an associated hashtag, you can determine how far your hashtag traveled over a given time frame. TweetReach’s free service will look at 1,500 tweets for a given keyword.  TweetReach also shows you the most influential accounts that help spread your message and makes it easy for you to engage with them. With the premium service, you can track a hashtag over weeks or months to see how your campaign is spreading on Twitter
#3: Research Your Competition: If you want to know where your competitors excel and where they’re falling short on social, use a tool like Rival IQ to find out. Why is this good to know? If your competitors are tanking on Snapchat, for example, chances are you will too. Or if your competitors aren’t on Snapchat, it might be worth a look to see why. Maybe they were on the platform previously and it didn’t work out, or perhaps it’s just a venue they haven’t explored yet  A recent blog post from Rival IQ reveals engagement rates for Shopify and their competitors, complete with detailed graphics showing where each company has a social presence and where they get the most interaction.  A recent blog post from Rival IQ reveals engagement rates for Shopify and their competitors, complete with detailed graphics showing where each company has a social presence and where they get the most interaction.
#4: Identify Industry Influencers: Use a tool like BuzzSumo to identify who the influencers are in your field and what they’re talking about. Then connect with those people, talk to them and make sure you’re responding to them when they tweet you.  Beyond that, you can use BuzzSumo to find out which posts are getting the most action, discover relevant keywords you may have been unaware of and find new Twitter chats to participate in. You can also see who shared the best content so you can target your following habits in the hope that they’ll follow you back.  All in all, BuzzSumo gives you insights on how to word your posts and whom to engage with for growth on which social platform. It’s a great tool for fine-tuning how you present your content on social media. Check out how your own posts rank to make sure that you’re improving over time.
#5: Determine Website Traffic Sources  With a customized landing page, you can measure many metrics, the most basic of which is just where website traffic is coming from.  Say you’re spending 10 hours a week crafting Twitter posts because you’re certain that your audience is there. If you then discover that your Facebook landing page is driving more traffic, you can streamline your efforts either by reducing the amount of time you’re spending on Twitter or by fine-tuning your efforts there to get a better click rate.
#6: Find Relevant Followers  Many social media marketers use ManageFlitter as a Twitter unfollow tool. It tells you which users aren’t following you back so you can take those people off your list and move on to folks who are more likely to engage with you. But this tool does so much more than that. It helps you find your ideal customers on Twitter, making it easy for you to follow them. Later, you can check whether those folks have followed you back. If you discover that a lot of them aren’t following you, it may be time to tweak your message or your bio. More relevant users are not only more likely to reciprocate your follow, but also more likely to engage with you and become customers
#7: Examine Your Klout Score:  Klout measures your influence by looking at how your social media posts drive the actions of your followers.  On Twitter, Klout takes into account the number of active followers you have and the value of those who retweet you. So, if you’re retweeted by someone with a Klout score of 75, it has more value (to Klout) than a retweet from someone with a Klout score of 35. Klout also looks at how many Twitter lists you’re on and who curates those lists. On Facebook, Klout looks at either your page or personal profile, and how many followers or friends you have contributes to your score. According to Klout, they process 12 billion social signals a day from 620 million scored users.  If you’re not sure what your Klout score is, you can see it by logging into and attaching your Twitter and/or Facebook account. The more social networks you connect, the better, because it’s a more accurate measure of your influence.

Sources for Business Assistance in Iowa
Business Assistance in Buchanan County

People own and operate a business in order to be successful. However, owning or starting a successful business is anything but easy. Fortunately, there are a number of business assistance resources available that can help you achieve your goal of running a prosperous company.
Here are a few sources where you can freely access information on starting and managing a profitable business.
IASourceLink is a statewide database that connects Iowa entrepreneurs to a network of 360+ nonprofit resource organizations that provide business-building services.  We facilitate the linking of these resource organizations to one another and to established, emerging and start-up small businesses.  IASourceLink’s network resource partners provide a wide range of business-related services, including:
  • Marketing
  • Financial Planning
  • Sales
  • Loans
  • Technical Assistance
  • Product development
  • Education
  • Government contracts
  • Operations
Business License Information Center: Assists start-ups and expanding small businesses with identifying regulatory requirements.   
SCORE of East Central Iowa provides a multitude of free services has for new and existing businesses. Score has 70 counselors, young and old, men and women, young and old, representing 2,000 years of successful business experience in all disciplines. Been there, done well. Leaders all. They assist every small business type: Home-businesses, high-tech startups, service, manufacturing and address turn-around needs, business growth, finance issues, etc. Check out Score's free, downloadable templates
Business Concierge can provide your Iowa-based company with no-charge market research assistance and helpful referrals
Center for Business Growth and Innovation (CBGI) at the University of Northern Iowa.
Financial Assistance Available for Iowa Companies
Engaged in International Business

Business Assistance in Buchanan County

Beginning July 1, 2015, the Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) will once again offer the Export Trade Assistance Program (ETAP) and Domestic Trade Assistance Program (DTAP). These programs offer funding for eligible companies to participate in qualified international events taking place July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.  Each grant provides reimbursement of qualified expenses, up to a maximum of $4,000 per grant.  Companies may receive up to three grants in the fiscal year.
DTAP – This program provides financial assistance for international trade shows taking place in the U.S.  Events should be part of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Buyer Program, Food Export – Midwest buyers mission or have a proven significant international attendance (companies must provide documentation of the show’s international attendance) to be eligible. 
ETAP – This program provides financial assistance for international trade shows taking place outside the U.S. or any of the IEDA trade missions during the fiscal year. 
Companies can apply for funding through beginning June 22, 2015.  More details and application instructions are available at
Please note:  Companies must apply AT LEAST 30 days prior to the event.  Booth fee or participation fee must be paid (deposit) prior to your application being submitted.
If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Lisa Longman,, 515.725.3139.
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