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Dear Peter Blue Peter Blue,

No use moaning in Morocco after the US Election result. The fossil fuel lobby will be back with a vengence. Renewables and off-grid technologies have made remarkable progress in the last couple of years - riding on environmental concerns, driven by technology. Now perhaps it’s worth focusing on jobs, time to hammer home the message that renewables and related technology are already creating thousands of high quality jobs with the promise of many more - many the kind fossil fuel workers can easily retrain and adapt to. Trump says he loves a deal - we need to pull one together for him. On another note, our  Smart Villages Off-grid Energy Challenge for West Africa in conjunction with ECREE is still accepting entries till November 21 - you can submit in English, French and Portuguese. Please spread the word.

Top Stories

Dakar Workshop
African Governments Urged To Harmonise Energy Laws To Attract Investment
African governments have been urged to harmonise regulatory and legal frameworks to attract more investors into the continent’s energy sector.Kipyego Cheluget, the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) assistant secretary general for programmes, said uniform laws could play a big role in attracting more energy investors to drive Africa’s generation and distribution capacity. [...]

Peterson Tumwebaze - TheNewTimes (02.11.16)

China Considers Renewable Energy As Solution To Rural Poverty
China is fast becoming a green energy superpower, leading the world in investment and installation of low-carbon technology. The most widely discussed drivers of this renewables surge include the desire to cut greenhouse gas emissions, boost energy security and catch up with, or overtake, industrialised countries in technological innovation.But a recent policy initiative has highlighted another, often overlooked, motivation: tackling poverty. [...]

Sam Geall, Shen Wei - ChinaDialogue (01.11.16)

India To Launch $2 Billion Clean Energy Equity Fund
The Indian government and three state-run firms will jointly set up an equity fund of up to $2 billion for renewable energy companies to tap into to help New Delhi meet its clean energy goals, two government sources told Reuters on Wednesday. [...]

Krishna N. Das - Reuters (02.11.16)

China-Gambia-Ghana Swop Renewables Expertise
The event formed part of activities of the China-Ghana-Zambia South-South Cooperation on Renewable Energy Technology Transfer project, which aims at enhancing the transfer of knowledge on renewable energy technologies from China to African countries, particularly, Ghana and Zambia. [...]

NewsGhana (03.11.16)

Grid Edge Innovation Enters The Vocabulary
Two startups are advancing their solar power solutions in big ways: Arcadia Power, an online renewable energy company, has launched the first nationwide community solar program in the United States; and solar lighting and power systems provider d.light has secured a total of $30 million in funding this year for off-grid solar. [...]

SustainableBrands (04.11.16)

Letter To The Next President
The environment is getting out of control. If the environment gets worse, people are going to die from pollution and contamination, and the economy is going to get worse. I’ve got family and friends who are having a hard time finding work and I see that they are also having trouble with crime in their communities. This is because the economy is getting lower. [...]

Yelfry Ovalle - LettersToThePresident (06.11.16)

New Competition

West Africa: Off-grid Energy Challenge
Smart Villages

Energy Entrepreneurs

ONergy: India can’t rely on coal – it must go renewable
Smart Villages

New Podcast 

Breakthroughs in off-grid energy
Part 1 of our interview with Dan Kammen, UC Berkeley

Smart Villages


22 November - Going off the grid: Disaster, resilience, and off-grid energy
Smart Villages


An Irish Take On Off-Grid Rural Power
Rosita Boland - TheIrishTimes (01.11.16)

Microsoft’s Allen To Sell 10 Mini Solar Plants In Kenya
Neville Otuki - DailyNation (02.11.16)

Solar Impacts Remote Tanzanian Pastoral Communities
Zephania Ubwani - AllAfrica (02.11.16)

Dubai Developer Builds Solar Microgrids In Nigeria
Elisa Wood - MicroGridKnowledge (03.11.16)

Zambia Takes Short-Term Coal Route, But Confirms Renewables Commitment
CoastWeek (08.11.16)

Mega Or Mini The Choice For African Off-Grid Development?
Peyton Fleming - Ensia (04.11.16)

Energy Kiosk Acts As Hub In Togo
Senne Starckx - FlandersToday (09.11.16)

EU Helps Morocco Build Mega Solar Plant
Rhenn Anthony Taguiam - NatureWorldNews (07.11.16)

Fractovia Report Predicts Increased Commercial And Industrial Off-Grid Solar Use In Africa
PR Rocket - (07.11.16)

Tunisian Malt System Boosts Rwandan Rural Electrification
Dan Ngabonziza - KT Press (08.11.16)


Las Vegas Pilots New Run-Jump-Charge Streetlight Technology
Jamie Munks - Review Journal (01.11.16)

Smart Grids Major Part Of New USDA $3.6 Billion Energy Loans
Alissa Pietila - UpperMichiganSource (01.11.16)

Community Solar Start-Ups Bring African Lessons Home
CleanTechnica (04.11.16)

Solar Powered Floating Bike Trail In Chicago
Lorraine Chow - EcoWatch (06.11.16)

Green Energy Shows Major Growth In Latin America
TradeArabia (08.11.16)

Science & Technology

6 Innovative Wind Turbine Designs
Cat DiStasio - Engadget (05.11.16)

Voltaic Claims Next Generation Of Solar Backpacks Are Ready
Lacy Cooke - Inhabitat (02.11.16)

Microgenerators Will Stimulate Innovation Claims MORE Founder
Liat Clark - WIRED (04.11.16)

Tesla Solar Tiles Too Expensive?
Nick Rosen - Off Grid (05.11.16)

Solar Heat Island Effect Created Researchers Claim
Graham Binder - Phys (07.11.16)

Sun King Charge Combines Light And Mobile Charging
James Ayre - CleanTechnica (07.11.16)


Solar Power Brightens Diwali In Rural Indian Hamlet
Ishaan Wasu - TheHindu (03.11.16)

New Bloomberg Report Charts India’s Renewables Potential
EsiAfrica (03.11.16)

Plea For Renewables Strategy In Nepal
Ram Prasad Dhital, Muhan Maskey - KatmahanduPost (04.11.16)

Indian Defence Ministry Looks To Solar Power
Shiladitya Pandit - ETEnergyWorld (04.11.16)

Philippines Starts To Draft Comprehensive Energy Strategy
GOVPH (06.11.16)

Queensland Becoming Major Solar Farm Hub
Msn (06.11.16)

China Reduces Solar Targets
Sam Pothecary - PV-Magazine (07.11.16)

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