Newsletter: January 2016
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One Last Look

“Know yourself.  Don’t accept your dog’s admiration as conclusive evidence that you are wonderful.”  - Ann Landers

Now that we are full swing into the New Year, how many of us took the time to look back on the events 2015 - the accomplishments and challenges – and reflect on the results?  No doubt, many of us promised ourselves we would do so over the holidays.

While this type of big picture thinking is important, it is not necessarily where real change happens. What we do out of habit (and ritual) has an outsized influence on our outcomes. Concentrated, periodic bursts of enthusiastic effort are no match for the incremental force of routine. The thing about routines is they are mostly invisible. That we do them without much conscious thought is also what enhances their impact on our lives. Good or ill, we follow them with practically zero resistance.  Remember ……. It’s The Grind vs The Dream.

The macro situation of life is a result of many micro factors.  Finding the rituals and routines to tweak can make all the difference. 

In this spirit of looking back, our Newsletter this month focuses on 2015 in two ways.  First, we have completed our annual review of Maine Housing Statistics.  We believe it is the most comprehensive available.  Attached is the complete report and our website includes additional details and commentary for most communities in the Greater Portland market.

Second, while the digital age has, in many ways, reduced the depth and insight of news reporting, the New York Times has, in recent years, published its year end compilation of interactive stories.  If you enjoy getting a better understanding of events and the people behind them, then we suggest you take a look below. 

Continued Success in 2016!
Laura & Michael Sosnowski

Maine Sales Set Record

Some Communities Achieve Historic Highs 

For the fourth consecutive year, single family home sales improved in 2015. Unit sales of 15,843 represented a significant 11.1% increase over 2014 and were 8.5% ahead of 2005 – which was the current record when 14.592 homes were sold. Nearly every community in Maine, especially those in the southern part of the state, recorded unit increases in 2015 – many setting all-time record highs.

Following two years of no growth, the median selling price in Maine improved to $180,000, reflecting an increase of 2.9%.  Unlike sales volume, which demonstrated improvement in all parts of the state, increases in selling prices were much more focused in specific communities, especially those that featured population growth or business development. 

The continued improved sales activity follows several years of significant market decline in both units and pricing, and reflects a more accurate level of equilibrium and improved overall liquidity for both buyers and sellers.

According to data from Maine Real Estate Information System (MREIS), home sales were higher each month of 2015 compared to similar months each year from 2011 through 2014.  That is an unprecedented run of strong sales performance – leading to record level sales. In 2015 six individual months exceeded 2014 results by 14% or greater.  Two months recorded sales improvement in excess of 20%. The highest month was November, where 2015 sales exceeded 2014 by 23.2%............

Read the entire report here: 2015 Sales Report.

Details by Local Community 

Looking for more details about your neighborhood?  We update our website, MaineHomeConnection, every month with the latest sales stats.  You access this information by town at Local Communities or try our Interactive Sales Chart.

If you don't see what you are looking for, we can prepare a custom report for you. 

Looking Back - 2015

Interactive Storytelling in the Digital Age

Year in Review
The New York Times just published their annual compilation of interactive stories for 2015 – The Year in Visual Stories and Graphics.  It includes a lot of fascinating information, especially if you like to get deeper into the events that shape our world.  They are pretty interesting, and there is definitely something for everyone.  Enjoy!
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