May 2015
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11 SSFP Students Graduate High School, Look Forward to College

SSFP sends proud congratulations to our 11 high school seniors. These SSFP student reporters and editors recently graduated from high school, and all eleven are bound for college. During their time at SSFP they have made important contributions to our programs, mentoring younger students and driving our content. Selin Gok, Masha Vodyanik, Lucy Ji, Jason Lee, and Helen Zhang graduated from Madison Memorial High School; Susan Mwai, Melody Krishnan, and Martiza Gomez from LaFollette High School; Anahi Gallegos Valles and Alex Lee from Madison West; and Ali Khan from Middleton High School. [Read More]

“From Madison Club to Simpson Street”: The First Fundraising Event in the 23-year History of Dane County’s Flagship Academic Achievement Program.

Save the Date -- November 7th. Preparations continue for this year’s Madison Club Foundation annual gala. Each year, the foundation chooses one local non-profit organization to support through a charitable gala at Madison Club. In 2015 Madison Club and Simpson Street will work together on a series of events that will spark meaningful discussions about Dane County’s persistent achievement gaps. [Read More]

SSFP Continues Summer Event Series: Financial Literacy

On Tuesday June 30, Simpson Street Free Press held the second in a summer panel series focused on college and career-readiness. We’re expanding our tried and true themes: “Women in Science and Math” and “Financial literacy.” SSFP is committed to preparing students for higher education and 21st century careers. Our most recent panel discussion continued that effort. [Read More]

SSFP Summer Programming Makes Learning Fun, Combats “Summer Slide”

Since our founding in 1992, SSFP has employed a streamlined, innovate approach to out-of-school time academics. This approach includes practical academic support programming for three full semesters each year. Experts and mounds of new research indicate that students who fail to engage in literary, writing, and math over the summer start the following school year already behind. At SSFP, however, our third semester spans the whole summer, and programs expand during our summer semester. Data shows no summer slide among SSFP students.[Read More]

Local Newspaper Voz Latina Highlights La Prensa Libre de Simpson Street Initiative 
One of Madison’s premiere Spanish-language newspapers, Voz Latina, recently published a cover story about SSFP’s La Prensa initiative. The story included an in-depth interview with La Prensa Editor Gloria Gonzalez and has since led to collaboration between our two papers. This means SSFP and La Prensa student writers are seeing their work published widely and reaching important new audiences. [Read More]
SSFP to Kick-off Creative Writing Workshops this August 
SSFP summer curriculum will this year include creative writing workshops. Local poet and writer, Takeyla Benton, will lead the workshops. Takeyla is among the organizers of Madison’s annual “Listen to Your Mother” literary event. This popular local tradition brings together women writers from Wisconsin each mothers’ day. Tekeyla is also the parent of an SSFP student reporter. [Read More]
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The Arctic Ocean Teems with Wildlife

Valeria Moreno-Lopez, age 8
Glendale Free Press

The Arctic Ocean is home to a diverse collection of animals including belugas, walruses, narwhals, and jellyfish. [Read More]
Red Pandas Rule the Himalayas

by Cynthia Hernandez, age 13
James Wright Free Press

Red pandas are extraordinary creatures. From their bushy tails to their habits, they are equipped to survive the harsh, cold weather in the Himalayas. [Read More]
Should Humans Try to Contact Extraterrestrial Life?

by Ruthanne Fiore, age 15
Simpson Street Free Press

Many people are familiar with the famous line “Beam me up, Scotty!,” which is attributed to the popular show Star Trek. Well, scientists today can do just that – sort of. [Read More]

Free Press Reporters Meet with, Learn from the Artists of Mata Ortiz

by Mariana Gomez,age 15
and Sarah Useche, age 15
Simpson Street Free Press

Simpson Street Free Press student reporters recently had the opportunity to meet and interview potters from the rural Mexican village of Mata Ortiz at the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art (MMoCA). Each artist has a unique story—some began the trade at age 17, while others started at only four years old. All of the artists, young and old, share a deep passion for the ceramic arts and their village. [Read More]

New Hazard on the Rise

by Dija Manly, age 14
La Prensa Libre
de Simpson Street

The phrases “hazardous parts” or “choking hazard” usually lead people to think of small plastic toys; things that children might put into their noses or mouths. Very few might realize that "button batteries", circular, metallic, lithium-filled discs, are also a serious hazard. [Read More]
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