April 2016
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Simpson Street Free Press Recognized as National Leader in “Summer Slide” Prevention and Literacy Education.

An important, new webinar produced by the Afterschool Alliance will feature Simpson Street Free Press. Afterschool Alliance, based in Washington D.C., conducts research and analyzes policy innovation in the field of out-of-school time. SSFP curriculum is also spotlighted in a recently released issue brief focused on literacy and summer learning. [Read More]

Consortium of UW-System Scientists to Republish SSFP Student Work

The Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium continues to publish Simpson Street Free Press science articles giving student reporters a unique opportunity: the chance to have their work published monthly on a UW-System website for scientists. [Read More]

Sennett Middle School to Launch New Free Press Publication  
Sennett Middle School and SSFP are pleased to announce a new bilingual newspaper for local young people. This is the seventh SSFP sister publication—and it’s called Sennett Free Press. This new publication is set to go live in a few weeks. Watch for a special press release from SSFP coming this month announcing the official launch of this new innovative publication.[Read More]
Simpson Street’s Enjoyiana Nururdin Named Editor of 
The Lance
SSFP staff writer, columnist, and teen editor Enjoyiana Nururdin was recently promoted to lead editor of LaFollette High School’s student newspaper, The Lance. [Read More]

SSFP Book Clubs and ‘Literacy Partnership’ Initiative Bolsters Student Achievement

Simpson Street Free Press Literacy Partnership is an important new asset in Dane County. The project matches common core principles and all new academic standards. [Read More]

SSFP’s Deidre Green Named 2016 YWCA ‘Woman of Distinction’

SSFP staff and students congratulate our Managing Editor Deidre Green, who was selected as one of the six 2016 YWCA Women of Distinction. [Read More]

Joselyn Diaz-Valdes Honored by UW-Madison

UW-Madison names Simpson Street Free Press board member and parent to their 2015-2016 ‘Outstanding Women of Color’ list. [Read More]

SSFP and The Capital Times Hold School Board Forum

Last month, Simpson Street Free Press and The Capital Times partnered to hold a forum on the Madison School Board and the state of education in Dane County. [Read More]

The Plumed Basilisk Doesn't Just Walk on Water, it Runs!

by Nia Burris, age 12
James Wright Free Press

Plumed basilisks, known in Latin as basiliscus plumifrons, were named after a mythical Greek monster. Unlike their namesake, basilisks cannot turn predators into stone, but they do have a trick that is almost as useful.
[Read More]

Election 2016:
SSFP Polls High School Students

What do Madison’s young people have to say about Tuesday’s presidential primary? SSFP reporters polled their peers to see which candidates local high schoolers favor.

The poll above reflects the votes of 9th-12th graders at
LaFollette High School, Verona High School, Monona Grove High School, Madison West High School, Madison East High School, Madison Memorial High School, Middleton High School, South Towne Mall, East Towne Mall, and West Towne Mall.

“Simpson Street Free Press is one of the best achievement gap closers we've got going.”

- - Neil Heinen, Ch 3 News
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"SSFP provides a template for what high-quality after-school programs can look like – and what they can accomplish."

--Bob Miller, Monona Mayor
Bananas Could Save Your Morning Coffee

by Gabriella Shell, age 9
Simpson Street Free Press

Bananas are not just a healthy food and good source of potassium in people's diet. They can help humans in other ways too. For example, bananas can be used for electrical wiring and cosmetics.

[Read More]
When You Wish Upon
a Meteorite

by Michael Gómez, age 9
La Prensa Libre de
Simpson Street

What we call a shooting star is actually a kind of space debris called a meteorite. When a rock is floating in space, it is called a meteoroid, and when the meteoroid enters earth’s atmosphere, it travels so fast that it burns up. If and when it lands on earth, it is called a meteorite. [Read More]
Once Described as "Average" Albert Einstein Changed the World Forever

by Samuel Garduño Martinez, age 8
Simpson Street Free Press
Albert Einstein was a great example of a scientist who helped us understand that matter can be turned into energy, proving it with his famous formula E=mc2. [Read More]
¿Cómo respiraron los animales marinos por primera vez?

por Izamara Ramírez, 10 años
La Prensa

Hace muchos años, los científicos creían que un cambio dramático de oxígeno permitió la aparición de formas complejas de vida. [Leer Mas]
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