From Madison Club to Simpson Street,
A Partnership for Academic Achievement


A unique invitation to our friends and supporters -- please join us for a very special evening of academic achievement and local kids.
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See What Academic Achievement
Looks Like!
  • Bridging gaps requires local kids – meet them, talk to them, see their work
  • In 2015, Simpson Street Free Press curriculum won several prestigious national awards
  • SSFP curriculum is featured in 2015 national issue brief on building youth literacy [Read Here]
  • La Prensa Libre de Simpson Street employs 68 young writers who publish in English and Spanish
  • James Wright Free Press is located at Capital Newspapers and is staffed by middle school writers
  • All SSFP students write book reviews and publish content on multiple media platforms
  • Students publish at least one science assignment per semester (including summer)
  • Students publish at least one history assignment per semester (including summer)
  • Students complete at least one arts feature per semester (including summer)
  • Students practice literacy and learn 21st century job skills in authentic newsrooms
  • SSFP South Towne is Dane County’s first all-academics youth center
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