WOL Newsletter 183: He Is- So is He?
April 10, 2016
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Edited by Stacie Thomas

What if we truly understood the Power in the Name of Jesus? We read the many Titles in the Bible; there are even books that break down each Name and what they mean… but do we bother to truly understand? There are over 200 names and titles of God in the Bible. On the surface, that seems confusing. Why must there be so many? But then, when you break it down…just what each of those names means—and the confusion dissipates. The clarity is this: He is any and every ‘Thing’ we could ever want or need. Jesus: Name above ALL names. Provider; Advocate; Mediator; Creator; Sustainer; Savior; Rock…  (I’m not going to go on). He Is what we need Him to be at any and every given moment. He Is... [fill in the blank].

He Is- So is He?

Jesus made it very clear that, just because we confidently proclaim Him by these Names, it does not mean He is truly these things in our lives: Matthew 7:22-23. It is more insulting, degrading, and sickening to God for us to falsely, weakly, lightheartedly use these descriptions of Him...than not to address Him at all. These Titles were earned by Jesus, and they were understood, appreciated, and revered by those who lived their lives knowing they were True. For many of us today, we can’t really abide in Him, as Scriptures tell us, we can't find the worship in our hearts, because we simply cannot see Him as these, "God-breathed" Titles describe Him in our lives.
Countless people (China, Korea, Iran, India, Turkey, Vietnam, etc.) risk everything to meet together and study God's Word, to praise Him and pray together; daily; risking prison, torture, rape, murder, loss of family, because God is that real; that important; that precious. Do you love God that much—if you have to struggle with coming to meet with His people, in His house, with no opposition at all; and can’t get there early; and complain because the sermons are too long.  If nothing in your life besides sporadic church attendance is even a part of your life lived for Him? If you've had His Word since becoming a Christian, and yet don't know it? If you have the freedom to pray and worship personally without fear, and yet never meet with God in fellowship—just to love Him? (Except for quick moments of need here and there.)
We read in Scriptures and in history, of all the early disciples who were murdered, as martyrs for Christ in the first century. What many of us do not realize is this—they were not killed as passionate lovers of a Holy, and Righteous, and Loving God; they were killed because they had been labeled menaces to society.     They had been labeled bigots, intolerant, judgmental, haters of society, anti-governmental, a threat to that way of life. (See NY Times article). Just as Christians were made to look intolerant and evil in the first century, it is being replayed today; Christians are being persecuted again, not for following God’s commands in love, but for being intolerant haters. If we don't have the intestinal fortitude to give total commitment to Christ as your Lord, King, and God now; if we don't have the understanding of Christ's real nature, not only will we miss what He calls sin, but we will miss His deep love for all sinners; we will miss that He is more caring, more intelligent than us—how will we ever survive the coming onslaught of false information, accusations and persecutions?
John 15:4-5: if we are literally part of Him as Christians, and can’t live without drawing from His sustenance, then we need to abide in Him; drink in everything about Who He Is. This is why we have trouble in our hollow lives—we have not truly learned to abide in Him. The Greek word used for Jesus in Revelation is kurios – translated as, "Lord" in our Bibles. It means supreme in authority, i.e. controller; by implication, Master (as a respectful title). Now think, "Lord of Lords, and King of Kings" Supreme Master and King over all authority on earth…yet we flippantly disregard our Lord’s request to meet Him on Sunday or privately in prayer?
Revelation 4:9-11; Revelation 15:3-4: Does it sound like He is hurting for followers or needs our obedience? He eagerly waits for us to meet Him in service, in prayer. We should come before Him in amazement and excitement that He wants us, not forced obedience. These Titles should give you an awe and excitement when you go to meet Him in prayer, or pick up His Word; if they don’t, you’ve missed Who you are talking with.
Genesis 3:13: Don’t you hear the pain and hurt in God’s voice here? Don’t you think that He still feels this way every time we purposefully choose to hurt Him for our own pleasure? Shouldn't this kind of love make us want to repent and make things right again?
James 4:4-5: Try to truly understand the reality, that God is actually jealous over your love for other things in this world besides Him. When you say, sing, or hear the words Savior, and Servant. Stop patronizing yourself, and realize that you and I are dreadfully self-loving creatures who have turned our backs on Christ. Realize how powerless you are to save yourself, and understand it is a reality that the God who made you, step down and became a Servant under man's feet—humiliating Himself, and suffering terribly for your love and forgiveness.
1 John 2:1: Advocate, meaning the one who comes to your aid when you sin, by standing beside you, and pleading your case to the Father. 1 Timothy 2:5-6.
Hebrews 12:2-3: Jesus is the, "Author" of your faith, the word meaning, "Captain"; He is the One who initiated the entire plan. He is the, "Finisher" of your faith—meaning He will never give up on you in your failures; He's not going to let you go. He will be the One there at the end of the race to reward you for the work He has done in you.
Isaiah 42:13; Exodus 15:3; Revelation 19:11-15: Your Majestic Lord, Master and King who comes to you in love, and gives Himself on your behalf, as a Servant and Savior, and Counsels with you, listens to you, guides you in troubles, and stands by your side as your Advocate, defending you in your faults, and stays with you, no matter how many times you fall, until He personally can reward you at the end of the fight, as the Author and Finisher—He will be the one to strap on his sword and ride into combat as our mighty warrior! to take back the kingdom we lost in the last days.
This Jesus is the Real Jesus. Matthew 16:24-25; Luke 14:25-27: See Him in all His glorious reality, then, worship, love, and adoration will not be forced anymore. Understand that His greatness and His sacrifice, demand we live a devoted and sacrificial life in return. How can we not, when we see Him for Who He is? Understand the times are extremely urgent, and serve our real and worthy Lord! 
He IS! Lord, Master, King, Counselor, Advocate, Savior! (So... Is He these things to you or not?!)
Then live it!

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