WOL Newsletter 155: Plastic Jesus: A Teflon Romance is Tough Part 2
August 30, 2015
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Edited by Stacie Thomas

Oh, pride…how do I love [loathe] thee.
Jesus. Just, Jesus. The Jesus Doug preached about Sunday; He’s the One that makes me cry. He’s the One that shows how human He Was [Is]. And at the same time, how Supreme He Is. Why? Because of His pride; or lack thereof. In His act of becoming a human in order to understand us completely, He gave up everything. (Let that soak in—not ‘just’ His Kingship; not ‘just’ His Power; not ‘just’ His life; but also His pride. (And if Anyone has a right to be proud, it’s God). But Jesus gave in to humility (not just in the meekness sense, but also the weakness sense) so that He could fully understand what we feel daily. He experienced our insecurities, our humiliations… And He did so with Grace. He went from being on ‘top of the world’ (literally(?)) to within it. And we’re here folks, it’s not a great place to be; especially in comparison to Heaven… Yet He suffered just the same; for us.
I don’t know why, knowing that He lacked pride, makes Him more precious to me than that He died for me. [Forgive me if that seems sacrilegious] But as I see it; any martyr can sacrifice His physical life; but it takes a special person to sacrifice His emotional and mental life. As I see it, it’s comparable to how I will take a bullet for my husband, but I won’t hold my tongue when I disagree with him. Catch my drift?
So the question is: what part of your pride won’t you sacrifice for Him? Your tongue? Your patience? Your anger? Your bitterness? Your fear? Because He gave all for you.
And just because I love to stir the pot with hot topics and debates… you know Kim Davis, the Rowan County, KY clerk jailed over not issuing same sex (or any) marriage licenses on the grounds that it violates her religious beliefs? My question is: (regardless of whether you agree or disagree with her actions) Would you stand this strongly for Jesus? Because folks, this is what being Radical for Jesus is about. In comparison to what Jesus has done for you, and for Kim, are you willing to show that same radicalism? Where are we Christians? This nation is going down, quickly. Where is our outcry?
Where is our outpouring of love? Because love, is what being a Christian is all about.

Plastic Jesus: A Teflon Romance is Tough Part 2

Jesus in His wisdom and love didn’t want people idolizing His image or devoting themselves to religious symbolism and ritual. There is only once verse that says anything descriptive about how Jesus looked when He was on earth: Isaiah 53:2: letting us know that there is nothing about His appearance that would impress us or make us want Him. That in itself is not only humble, but wisely part of His plan. He wanted no fake desire based on shallow love of outward appearance.
Was Jesus a ‘Perfect Child’? There had to be a time when Jesus didn’t yet know who He was or what He was here to accomplish; because for a time, He gave up all knowledge, memory and everything else in order to become completely human. After He realized His calling and purpose again, He had to learn obedience through experience and suffering; He had to grow and mature mentally and emotionally. Meaning, He made mistakes. He allowed Himself to be ignorant of life and Law, and start over. He had to learn through honest mistakes and pains like all of us. (Doing wrong innocently is NOT a sin) John 9:41; John 15:22; James 4:17. There were most assuredly times Jesus did wrong out of innocence and had to be corrected like us all. Luke 2:41-52: Jesus had bad judgment here, but it was in love and desire to please—not rebellion or sin. He was surprised in His ignorance, that His parent’s didn’t understand what He was doing since He knew His calling by 12 years of age; yet He was obedient and trusting to His parents then. Mistakes and ignorance are not sin; and we need to understand that Jesus allowed Himself to have both so that He could understand and relate to us. 
His ministry was filled with humility. He never owned His own home, and was at the mercy of other’s kindness and charity. There were times He was so needy that He and His disciples had to glean from fields and eat uncooked grain: Luke 6:15. God was willing to accept charity and glean from fields, all the while He possessed the ability to end it, and assume His role as rightful heir of everything; but He loved us so passionately that He took that shame.
Jesus was down-to-earth, in life and love. John 21:1-14. After He showed Himself to His disciples, and they realized Who He was and came running (swimming) to Him, He served them breakfast—reassuring them that all was forgiven and forgotten. He showed them humble love of a friend. Peter was given his name by Jesus as a show of love and encouragement for what He would do through Peter (Matthew 16:18). James and John (brothers) were given a nickname (how intimate!): ‘Sons of Thunder’ because they had a knack for being outspoken and fiery at the wrong times, and Jesus seemed to lovingly and lightheartedly acknowledge this with His nickname. Other times Jesus shows His with is Matthew 17 when He has Peter cast a fishing line and retrieve a fish with enough money to pay their taxes. Matthew 15:21-28: Jesus showed His disciples that this woman, whom they thought so little of, actually had greater faith than most in Israel. (There seems to be no other reason Jesus has traveled this far other than to meet this woman. He healed her daughter and paid her the highest compliment than He gave directly to anyone else) John 2:1-7: Mary doesn’t ask a favor from Jesus, she simply informs Him of a situation with expectations (obviously showing she has witnessed miracles in His presence before). Jesus gives a slight rebuttal, basically stating this is a non-life changing occurrence that has nothing to do with His ministry (that hasn’t even started yet). Mary then turns to the servants and gives them directions in total confidence that Jesus will do what she asks in love.
Recap: Jesus gave up all power, knowledge and presence to become human. He grew up in obedience and deep love for His parents; lived His ministry relying on and staying with others, never owning anything, often having no food or lodging, choosing humbly to accept from others though He had the power to live as a King. He showed simple love and fellowship towards those that turned on Him in His crucifixion, and intimately, nostalgically revealed Himself to them and cooked them breakfast as friends. He had wit and creativity as He performed a miracle for Peter alone He walked 70 miles to heal a woman His disciples thought was no better than a do, and through His cunningness and love, showed His disciples the error of their self-righteousness while rewarding this woman for her faith. He showed incredible love and closeness to His mother as they communicated through unspoken words in love and understanding and He performed His first public miracle for love of her alone.
Is this the personal, loving, intimate Jesus you understand in Scriptures? Do you think He will be that loving when you have hurt or deserted Him? Do you see how completely He understands our failures, fears, desires and pain? In all His majesty and greatness, this is who He is at the core; why He is so worthy to be loved. Don’t worship a distant, plastic, religious object anymore—Worship Jesus Christ. He is Worthy! (See, talk and worship Him differently).

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