WOL Newsletter 163: Ready or Not...Here I Come!
October 25, 2015
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Edited by Stacie Thomas

“Ladies and gentlemen: the story you are about to hear is true; the names have been changed to protect the innocent…”
I have a ‘friend’ who is a total research geek. If she hears of a topic that interests me *cough* her, and wants to know more, I *cough* she will wear the internet out learning about it; all of it…Okay, it’s me…there, I admit it. I love it. And I hate it. I feel more confident in my understanding of topics; yet I get easily aggravated and annoyed with people that ‘disagree’. It’s not that I don’t tolerate different opinions; it’s that I don’t have any toleration for disregarding facts.
Anywho- the point I want to get at is that we shouldn’t be just going through the motions of our life, living in this world, without knowledge of what’s going on around us. And that includes knowledge of our Bible. If we want to spout Bible verses; great. But we need to understand all of the verses; not just the feel good ones  (John 3:16, Philippians 4:13, Isaiah 40:31, Psalm 23, Matthew 6:33…). Yes, the Bible is a great encouraging tool. It’s also a great historical, informational tool as well. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “History repeats itself…”—therefore we have to know our history to help us deal with what’s in our future. How incredible are these prophecies Doug taught Sunday? I’ve heard my entire life about how we’re in the ‘End of Times’ (God bless my Grandma-- she was one of those people that preached that she was ready to be with Jesus...), and it’s easy to say that the Bible is being played out before our eyes…but do we really know how to show people that? Do we really know how to prove Scripture written thousands of years ago is foretelling what is going on now; and coming? We better! I believe that many non-believers don’t believe either because 1) they’ve been so hurt that they just don’t trust God, so they turn their back and deny Him or 2) have never really been taught about Him. I don’t see any other possibilities. So, as a Christian (or disciple of Christ), in order to teach non-believers about Him thoroughly, we need to 1) love those that have been hurt, through their hurt, and show them our peace and 2) intellectually inform those that just don’t know. And the only way to do that is to learn it ourselves; thoroughly.
Research is phenomenal; and we have no real excuse with the internet being at the tip of our fingers; everywhere. Learn the facts. Study others’ opinions. Search out secular and anti-religious information as well. (Clarity happens when you’re immersed in the murkiness.)
I challenge you to check these facts (please don’t take Pastor Doug’s word for these prophecies). Read what is to come, yet. I’m not saying you need to figure out who the actual Anti-Christ is; just be aware of what he will be so you won’t be fooled by him when he arrives. We don’t need to know all of the details to understand the big picture and teach it to others. To quote Sgt. Joe Friday: “All we want [or know] are the facts, ma’am.”

Ready or Not...Here I Come!

God says in His Word, there will come a time, in the last days that the world will be leery of His return ever happening: 2 Peter 3:3-4. God gives the following as one of His reasons for waiting: 2 Peter 3:8-9. Some of you questioning the delay in His return are the reason for His delay because you would already be lost if He was not delaying, in hopes of having you with Him one day. But, those that have said, "all the signs for Jesus' return had occurred" in past generations were lacking knowledge in some very clear, extremely important areas of Scripture. Scriptures are adamant when they say we are not to even try to know the day and hour of Jesus' return: Matthew 24:36. But Scriptures are also equally clear, that we as Christians are not only supposed to be able to see the obvious signs that His coming is very near, even though we cannot know the exact day and hour; we are commanded to see these signs and be ready: 1 Thessalonians 5:2-6. We are commanded to watch, and throughout Scriptures, very specific things are revealed that we are to watch for concerning the closeness of His return. There are a series of events which are to come together in a special way in the last days; the last generation; a series of events that are so specific, yet, so seemingly unrelated, they could not all occur in one generation, in one place and time in history, without the hand of God Himself orchestrating the events.
We are going to stroll through the events of that generation, and as these events are revealed in great detail. You make your own decision, as to whether or not we are that generation; the evidence is overwhelming and compelling. There are a number of prophecies about the exact alignment of nations in the last days on earth, giving their geographic locations, strengths, allegiances, and even populations. Let's take a look at the world that Scriptures visualized in the last days, from as far back as 2700 years ago; let's begin at the beginning.  Israel, the Jews, have always been God's chosen Nation; not because they were the greatest, but the smallest, and weakest. They are the centerpiece for all that God does on the earth. God prophesied hundreds of years before the event (even before they actually became a nation), that Israel was to not only be destroyed, but the Jews would be scattered all over the earth; persecuted mercilessly, without rest or hope for many years: Deuteronomy 28:62-67. In 70 A.D., Titus (Roman General) crushed Jerusalem, and by 135 A.D., they were all banished throughout the world, hated, mistreated, killed by the whole world. History has labeled them the, "Wandering Jews" (Holocaust) But, even more astounding is that after 2000 years, in 1948 they came back together again, against all logic and odds to the same land taken from them, exactly as prophesied! Ezekiel 37:11-14. Zechariah 12:2-3 When they returned to their own land, their destruction was to become an obsession of the countries around them. They were to become almost intoxicated with desire to take her; and Israel was to become a burden to peace for the whole world, with everyone beginning to come against her. Time will not allow the multiple quotes and actions by surrounding nations, and the world, that support these prophesies to the detail. (Recent vote of whole UN for Iran) Now listen, when Israel returned against the odds- there were very specific powers that would rise in the last days against her. Ezekiel 38:1-8. Ancestral history of Magog, Meshech and Tubal; and geographic study of their descendants, show this to be with almost complete certainty, modern day Russia, and two times, Ezekiel says this country comes from Israel's uttermost north. (Russia) Ezekiel says Russia will assemble nations around it and be a guard for those nations; and the first country listed, some 2600 years ago, was Persia- (Modern Iran) Who is the number one nation aligned against Israel today? With Russia landing troops and equipment in the middle east as we speak to aid and be a guard for them in their efforts in Syria. And the other nations listed represent Middle East countries which despise Israel today, almost all of which receive military aid from Russia as well.
Another simply astounding prophecy about nations in the last days comes from Revelation. Revelation 16:12. The Apostle John told of another nation that would rise to power in the last generation, which would come from east of the Euphrates River: Revelation 9:14-15. This incredible nation was prophesied as having 200 million soldiers in its massive army. (Only 150 to 300 million in whole world at that time) Today, in our generation, over 2000 years after this prophecy, Red China sits east of the Euphrates with one of the largest active militaries in the world at 2.8 million personnel.
There will arise a ruler in the last days, that will gain notoriety for bringing a peace treaty between Israel and all of the neighboring countries which are causing so much havoc in the world: Daniel 9:27. This great leader will cause Israel and the middle eastern countries around her to sign a seven year peace treaty, and will follow the peace treaty for 3 1/2 years, and then break the treaty, proclaiming himself god over all, and placing himself in the Temple. 2 Thessalonians 2:4. This middle eastern leader, the Antichrist, who suddenly proclaims himself god over all will bring in his own calendar and laws:  Daniel 7:25. And he will behead all who oppose accepting him as god: Revelation 20:4. So this Antichrist is supposed to take over the Temple in Jerusalem and proclaim himself god, change laws and times, and behead resistors. None of this has made much sense to scholars in the modern world, until recently. What religion is dominating the middle east, violently pushing its boundaries, and hates Israel:  Islam. Their "Mahdi", a supposed spiritual leader descended from Mohammad (12th Imam) is supposed to be the savior of the world in the Quran, coming as the military, spiritual, and political leader in the last days. In every country that the Muslim population rises, what law is introduced into the court systems, and is the law of the land for predominantly Muslim countries? The Sharia Law! Islam has its own calendar, and holy days as well. And, as we have seen literally in our times, what method of execution is used most often to kill infidels or nonbelievers?  Beheading! This Mahdi by the way, is supposed to rise to power, in times of turmoil in the middle east, to rule for 7 years in the last days; according to the Quran. Scholars could not totally understand many of these prophecies in detail, but, they are so precise for the times we live in, they have become clearer than ever. This Antichrist, or Mahdi, will use a system of economic control in the last days, that is very distinctly described in Scriptures. Revelation 13:16-18. Since the time these words were written, we are the very first generation which has had the technology to make this system a reality. We have the ability right now to buy, sell, or trade with nothing but a number. Most economists strongly agree we are fast approaching a cashless society; it’s less expensive to handle. (No cashiers, transports, guards, counters); it’s much less illegal activity. (underground crime payments, robberies, tax evasion, counterfeiting, unreported sales made in cash, medical expenses from cash crimes decrease).  As far back as 2003, estimates showed electronic cash would have saved the U.S. $150 billion in a year. The really amazing part of it all, is the potential delivery system for the cashless society...  We now have RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Technology): Originated from Somark Innovations, with microneedles, can be invisibly tattooed in 5 to 10 seconds can be read from 4 ft away; can be used for money, medical, and security (locating) instantly.
Lastly, let's briefly glance at the technology that Scriptures incredibly described over 2000 years ago; which could only describe this generation as well. Listen closely to this amazing description of the Two Prophets that will come in the last days to prophesy for 3 1/2 yrs, and then be killed by the Antichrist: Revelation 11:9-12. 1. How could John have conceived of what you and I take for granted in these verses?  The whole world, together, sees these two prophets instantly. (Only there three days) This could not have happened even a generation ago, we needed that little modern day marvel of an invention called, Satellite Broadcasting. On July 23, 1962, the first live, satellite broadcast in history was played;  until that date, even in our modern world, it was days for a recorded image to be seen around the world. (But John saw it in 90AD) Listen to the description of the battlefield in the last days; from a prophet over 2000 years ago, in the time of swords and torches: Revelation 9:17-18. These are not literal descriptions, because John uses the word, "like" to compare the vision to something of illustration, in its function. Think about it: the troops were riding in something with an opening (mouth) that roared loudly, spitting fire and smoke, killing a 1/3 of the population. What an awesome 1st century description of our battlefield today.  Listen to a description of the incredible method of death for soldiers mentioned by the prophet Daniel at around 520BC: Zechariah 14:12. There is a weapon that was first tested in the U.S. in 1963, known as the Neutron Bomb; it has been built and tested by a number of nations since, including Russia, France, China, and Israel. This weapon has been discontinued and dismantled in the U.S., with the last one gone by 2003. But, other countries still possess this bomb. (gullible to believe we don't!) It produces ten times the neutron radiation of a fission bomb of same explosion, allowing much more damage to living tissue with less physical damage and radioactive contamination. The effects to living tissue for any nuclear explosion, but especially of the neutron bomb, are exactly as described 2500 years ago by Zechariah. And along these lines, the entire Chapter of Revelation 8 describes: blazing stars that fall to earth; destroying 1/3 of the trees, 1/3 ocean life, 1/3 of ships in world; poisoning 1/3 of waters in world, killing 1/3 of all sea life; blocking out 1/3 of the sun, moon, and stars; again, let me ask you, "what is this most likely describing?!
One or two of these events occurring together in the same generation, may be considered coincidental, but, how on earth could you possibly consider that in one single generation we would see all of this? Israel would rebirth as a nation after 2000 years, in her original land; nations would be described perfectly in the Middle East, Europe, and Asia (including alliances, strengths, and numbers); the rising of a religion that Scriptures show will probably be the vehicle for the Antichrist in the last days, explained in stunning detail from our headlines daily; the economic system described in Scriptures, and the tools to make it a reality, appear for the first time in one generation; major technologies of our modern world, and our modern warfare, described in detail about the last generation; that we just acquired in our times. What will you do with all of this? It is there for your discovery; and if this kind of amazing evidence was found to reveal anything else in life,  you'd be checking it out, getting excited, talking about it with everyone;  but since it involves life-changing information, and some of you are not wanting a life-change;  you will, with great effort, walk right out of here and try never to think about these things again. But, God's fingerprints are all over our generation, all over history, all over the future. He has given us plenty of proof He is there, if we will just look open-mindedly. And a life lived in knowledge and surrender to Him is better than anything you have now; hands down! When will you give in to obvious Truth and stop running; He's waiting!

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