Week 44

Hey Friend!

"But wait, if you act now…"

Time will always be there, but it's life that gets in the way—disrupting you from completing that purchase or book that Product Hunt recommended. That's why infomercials are always telling us to “act now”, as if we have anything better to do at 3:42 in the morning. But when it comes to abandonment emails, timing is everything.

According to 24 different case studies in the last 5 years, visitors abandon 69.8% (on average) of the purchases they intend on making. Lots of things could be getting in the way:
  • Expensive shipping charges
  • Doubt of security
  • Or, an electrical fire from the deep fryer that someone (not naming names, Nick) bought from a garage sale.
The possibilities are endless. But as #emailgeeks, it is your job to be prepared to hit those peeps up when they don’t follow through. Unless your product requires a lot of research (mattresses, TVs, easily-dispatched fire extinguishers), most experts agree that 1-3 hours after someone abandons their cart is a good time to send something off.

Take in consideration the number of products to include, bonus offerings (preferably on the second or third reminder email that goes out one day and three days later), up-sell or cross-sell products, reviews, holiday references, loyalty program mentions, and everything else your VP of Marketing wants to cram in there. Remember though, each email should have a single goal or focus, not 16. That means you’ve got your work cut-out for you, so please don't make it look like sh*t.

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Heading out without checking out?

Abandoned Cart, Ecommerce, Retention

A different version of Huckberry’s attempt at getting me to continue checking out. They changed the layout and the placement of the button as well as the subject line.
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You got this.

Ecommerce, Retention

Sometimes all you need for an email is a little creative thinking. There’s not much to this email, but it’s hilarious because of the puppy. Retention of your customers is critical and a good emotional email is a strong way to keep them in the loop of your product.
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Confirming your EXECUTIVE razors

Subscription, Transactional, Upselling

This is a great notification email from Dollar Shave Club that not only lets you know about an upcoming shipment, but upsells other products that you can add to your subscription for free. I don’t get the difference between “Add” and “Shop”, but the CTAs are clear and the products suggested are very relevant.
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